[The Present]

”I heard it all, Liliana… if that ’s even your real name. ” I smiled, watching the maid ’s drooped head slowly rise.

”That ’s too bad, then… ” Her voice sounded, slowly morphing from the kind and gentle tone she was using to a more twisted one.

She lifted her head a d smiled obsessively at me, widening her eyes to make a sick expression.

”… I was going to make your death as sweet and painless as possible since you have been such a nice kid. But it appears I ’ll have to change my plans. ” Liliana licked her lips.

Who was she kidding? This was probably more preferable to her since she could kill me in the most gruesome way allowed by her mission.

’I know her type… and they are all crazy! ’

Liliana, who was taking steps back in retreat, now slowly started advancing toward me. As she did so, I took slow steps backward too. Obviously, I didn ’t want her any close to me.

”You ’re not as nice as I thought, Jared. Sneaking up on people, overhearing them, teasing this kind maid with wine and threats… and now running away from me. How mean you are, young master. I ’m truly hurt. ” She said in a mocking tone.

Her intense gaze told me otherwise though. She was clearly enjoying the thrill.

”Haha, is that so? ” I answered, showing a little nervousness.

”You fool. You should have just kept quiet about the whole thing. If you had done that, instead of acting all cocky and running your mouth, then maybe you could live to see the night. ”

Okay, that was too much. I couldn ’t hold it in anymore!

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”Pfft…. hehehe, hahaha! ” I bust out laughing, halting my backward movement.

My sudden reaction to her words puzzled Liliana as she stared at me with surprise.

”What ’s so funny, brat? You ’re going to die now, you know? ” She gave a smile, most likely wondering if I had gone insane from the idea of losing my life at such a young age.

”Oh, no… no, it ’s not that… It ’s just, you said something funny just now… ” I said, still chuckling.

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