In our entire lifetime, my friends and I only found six out of the twenty-two Arcanas.

Of the six;

The Fool was lost to our memory.

The Devil was given to the Demons

And the remaining four were kept in our Base which existed in the Forgotten Lands.

I spent the last three yearswhich were extended to over a hundredwithin the Base.
I learned of their nature, studied the powers they had, and made them my own.

Of course, those werent the only things I focused on.

Core Formation.
Familiar Nurturing.
Magic Expansion and other phenomenal changes that occurred within those years.

I made progress by leaps and bounds.

Still, since my attention was spread to several areas, I couldnt completely make the Arcanas my own.
In essence, to utilize the full capabilities of these miraculous items, I needed to use them directly.

Arcanas had nigh infinite durability.

They contained Phenomenal Magic that could change the world and its concepts.

They contained a vast stream of energy, and could be simply refilled using the essence of their surroundingmost times, their wielder themselves.

The full depth of these items was currently beyond my purview, and so, I had to rely on them on rare occasions.

One of those scenarios came up.

The Tower!

Having the ability to warp the very concept of space, the Arcana gave me access to any location I wanted to get toso far as I knew its geographical position.
Of course, it had several other abilities, but this was plenty enough.


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