SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 289: Castle Of Darkness

These two were the Eastern Kingdom ’s most unpredictable top guns… and they just happened to converge in a single location.

”Hey, Neron… what the hell is this? This power is enough to level this entire Academy–no, it ’ll most likely spill over and take a chunk of the city as well. ” Serah said with a curious gaze on the conspicuous Pilar of light that stood before them.

She then eyed Neron suspiciously.

”Hey, it wasn ’t me! ”

”Who, then? I don ’t think anyone else here is capable of doing something like this ”

”Well, you ’re half right. The guy who did this is no longer here. He left. ”

”And you let him? ”

”Of course! It was his choice. Plus, it ’s not like he did any harm… ”

Neron and Serah were smiling at each other and talking so casually as if the subject wasn ’t a serious matter that could claim so many lives.

”Who is he, then? An enemy? ”

”Nah. A student! ”

”Huh? A student? ”

”Yep! He ’s my protégé. Hehehehe. ”

”What? You have a protégé? ”

”Yep! Got one recently. ”

”And he did this? ”

”Yeah! He ’s quite something, uh? We could never do something like that when we were younger. ”

”It ’s hard to believe, but… you wouldn ’t lie about this. ”

”It ’s the truth, though. That guy is one special kid. ”

”Oh? You never speak highly of another person. ”

”I speak highly of your chest. ”

”HEY! ”

”Right, right… well… he ’s someone I owe a great deal to, after all. Thanks to his help… I can get even stronger! ”

”Ehh? Stronger? You? ”

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”Yeah. You just watch! ”

Both man and woman smiled at each other–their eyes now burning with rivalry.

”I won ’t lose, you know? ”

”Hehehe, looking forward to it. ”

And then… something sparked in the mind of Serah Crimson.

”What ’s the name of the kid? ”

In response, Neron ’s smile grew wide and he swelled in pride.

He had never felt this way about any child before, but… he was indeed happy to have been the Master of the boy.

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