The men hurried in the strange, bright night.

They charged toward the center of attention–flying at full speed.

Beads of sweat flew from their faces even as the wind beat them. This was an unprecedented situation. If they weren ’t careful, then–


With even greater speed, they traversed the sky… until they arrived at the site of destruction.

What they met was a single golden pillar-like barrier…. And the luminous colors of lightning bursting from within it.

Everyone took a step back through instinct.

They instantly knew that if they interfered with the barrier–that is, if they were even capable of that–then the uncontrollable energy within it could consume them.

As they watched from a safe distance, pondering on what could have caused such immense concentration of Magic, three beings suddenly appeared–causing everyone to swiftly take defensive measures.

”Hold your horses. ” A feminine voice called out to the flustered men.

Appearing like a beam of red light in the sky, a woman–accompanied by two other ladies behind her–descended upon them.

She wore a Grand Mage ’s outfit, and her hat was seated atop her crimson hair. Her outfit was raven black–as was her hat–decorated only by tiny designs of red ribbons.

No one needed a prophet to tell them of the entity that had just appeared.

Instantly, the men present–Damien Lawcroft, the Vice Head, and several other powerful Lecturers–knelt in respect.

This was no ordinary woman.

”We greet the Grand Mage of the Empire, Serah Crimson! ” Their voices echoed through the night–if the currently bright environment could still be called that.

This woman–Serah Crimson–was one of the Eastern Kingdom ’s three Grand Mages, and was also the only female among them.

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However, this minority status of hers did not cause anyone to look down on her as many had done on others in the profession of Magic.

Every Grand Mage received their title as a result of some sort of achievement. They had their areas of specialty too. This woman ’s specialty was offensive Magic!

That was why everyone revered her so much.

Compared to everyone in the Kingdom, no one was capable of as much destruction–not even Neron Kaelid!

”What ’s going on here? ” She asked, her feet clacking on the hard grounds of Ainzlark Academy.

Her crimson eyes were also fixated on the brilliant pillar before them all. As someone who was an expert in destructive arts, she could appraise this threat well.

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