The gentle wind howled as a figure swiftly made its way in the dead of night.

The figure was moving so fast that it seemed like a blur—no, like the very essence of darkness itself.

Covered in a dark hooded cloak and shrouded in a faint black hue of Magic, it glided and traversed the surrounding area until it reached a place—somewhere that was known only to the man hidden within the hood.

He had bided his time, ensuring everything went smoothly, only for his attempt to fail. The target was still alive, the Academy was on high alert, the most dangerous man in the Kingdom was wary, and the Capital now had their attention on Ainzlark.

Of course, most of these were within calculations, but… who would have expected his target to live? How possible was it that he managed to survive for so long and even made Neron arrive right on time?

It was as though fate smiled upon the boy.

No matter—it wasn ’t a total loss.

The second objective had been achieved, so things could still go as planned.

Currently, the Academy was aware of the existence of a mole—him—and it wouldn ’t take very long for the truth to be exposed.

While no one knew for sure, he was certain that Neron suspected him. The target also seemed to have a vague idea, but he had been too subtle to have been exposed by that child—or so the man thought.

The swirling portal in front of him was his escape ticket out of the place.

No one in the Academy knew of its existence except him. It was something that was shrouded with the same barrier—no, a more superior one—of the Academy ’s Lecturers ’ Hall.

The security around the Academy ’s exit was tight, and they would probably be under the surveillance of Neron as well.

To win, he had to resort to this one.

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A body double was currently taking his place, so suspicion wouldn ’t fall on him… until it was too late.

After all… his plans were perfect!

He took a step forward, and then another, nearing his goal. A smile formed on the face of the mysterious man.

His silenced footsteps were made so by Magic, was his ability to escape surveillance. It was the perfect escape.

Unfortunately, he hadn ’t considered one thing…

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