SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 28: The Farewell Party (Pt 2)

It was a rough week for every member of the household.

With my mother in a comatose state, and my father currently absent, it was obvious that the manor was in a vulnerable state at that point.

Realizing this, the chief Butler and head maid made sure to compartmentalize information, making sure nothing was leaked to the outside world.

More patrol duties were added to the guard ’s schedule, and I was guarded using an airtight formation. My room was surrounded by guards and magic barriers when I slept at night.

It was the same for my mother. They weren ’t taking any chances.

’I suppose it ’s a good thing in its own way… ’

The maids kept giving my mother the medicine based on the prescriptions given by Alphonse, and I made sure to supervise every step of it. One could call me a doting child, but I made sure to check up on Anabelle once in a while.

The remaining time was spent mostly studying and meditating. There was no point in practicing magic at this point since I had a lot of burning questions that only research could solve.

My mother regained consciousness after two days of using the medicine, and finally, after five days following the incident, my mother was completely cured of Mana Shock.

Of course, the first thing she did was to-

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”JAREEEEEEDDDD!!! ” Anabelle screamed my name, plunging into me as she gave me a tight hug.

My body was enveloped in her embrace as my face became buried in her massive boobs.

’Come on, woman! I ’m a growing child! ’ My mind rang as I struggled to maintain control.

Due to my small size, she was able to easily overpower and carry me as if I was still a baby. Well, in all honesty, even if I was grown up she would still be able to achieve that.

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