Neron told me everything.

He explained how he was able to arrive on campus despite having to investigate a massacre occurring in the remote regions of the Eastern Kingdom.

The Magic Barrier that surrounded the Academy ’s Secret Hall—where all the Lecturers were holed up—was linked to him.

The moment it got destroyed thanks to my Spell, he instantly realized something was off and made his way back. Of course, after hearing this, a sensible question popped up in my mind.

”How were you able to get here so quickly? ”

Much to my frustration, Neron didn ’t answer that inquisition.

Was it Space Magic? Did it have something to do with Original Magic? I always knew he was fast, but… how was he able to arrive so quickly? It seemed almost unreal—no, it probably was.

Back to topic, Neron told me what happened after I fell unconscious. After killing Kahn, the Lecturers came out of the Hall and he explained the Invasion to them. The incident required a long meeting, but considering the situation of the Academy—the state of the students, and also the confusion among the Lecturers—the meeting was postponed.

Of course, a state of emergency was enacted in Ainzlark, and no one was to leave their respective premises—not even the Lecturers.

The only ones granted free access were Neron and the Vice Head.

According to Neron, Imperial Mages were being dispatched from the Capital, along with a Grand Mage, due to how serious the incident was.

I was surprised.

Only a total of three Grand Mages existed in the Eastern Kingdom. One was the Head of Ainzlark Academy. The second was the Imperial Court Mage, and the final one was the General of the Imperial Forces.

The current whereabouts of the Head of Ainzlark Academy were a mystery, so the Vice Head ran the institute instead. It was no wonder things got messed up as a result of the abrupt change in the system.

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”Until they arrive, this institute is on lockdown, ” Neron told me.

Those in the know must have already realized that there was a mole in Ainzlark. The only way to fish them out was for the Grand Mage of the Kingdom to show up. Once they arrived, the situation would be resolved.

I asked Neron why he couldn ’t just act on his own, but even I knew better than to raise the question.

”It has become a national matter, and since the Capital is involved, the matter has gone out of my hands. Besides… ”

A dark gleam appeared in Neron ’s eyes.

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