Kahn felt his body get torn into a million pieces.


It happened again.


And again!

The Shadow Demon was at the edge of insanity, but every time he was about to lose his mind—as well as every semblance of life—everything got reversed… and he was good as new.

It was torture!

It was horrific!

The very concept of going through unimaginable pain over and over and over again drove Kahn to the point where he would have begged for death.

His very atoms were dismembered and he felt even greater agony than anything he had experienced so far—greater than even Jared ’s final Spell.

”GUARRGHHHHHH!!! ” Kahn screamed.

”UWAHHHHHHH!!! ” Kahn cried.

He prayed for it to stop, but it didn ’t.

Over and over again, in repeat—an endless cycle of violence.

Neron Kaelid hadn ’t even moved a single spot from his location.

All he kept doing was sending highly dense orbs of Mana to Kahn—like Mana Bombs.

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