SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 260: Striving For Victory [Pt 2]

Edward, Ana, and Aloe were the only members of their group.

As an elite, small unit, they covertly reached their target destination with some degree of ease.

Of the nine groups that were allocated tasks, their team had the fourth largest load. While it was not comparable to the first three, it was still way higher than what the others were expected to do.

Many would ponder how students in their first years would be able to handle such responsibility, but Jared had already put all those factors into consideration.

According to his explanation, they would have close to no major problems handling their mission.

Also, since their designation was the farthest from the Middle-Class Dorm, a small team needed to undertake it.

While it was still doubtful to many people if it was best to give First Years that role—wouldn ’t it be better if a few Rankers were assigned instead?—no one questioned their leader ’s rationale.

”The Rankers are needed to direct the students. For better coherence, it ’s best to have them serve as unit leaders rather than placing them in an entirely separate unit. ”

Sure, Rankers were qualified for the role, but Ana and Edward weren ’t qualified for the roles of the Rankers.

They had no leadership qualities and were merely First Years.

Very few would actually trust them and obey them as was needed. It was an emergency, but human nature couldn ’t be so easily changed.

To prevent friction, Jared simply chose the safest route.

Besides, the three had no reason to fear. Not only had Jared given them the appropriate gear needed, but they also had three Automatons—the most out of all other teams.

Finally, Aloe Vida was with them!

She was a staff who was currently the most powerful of the Dorm Masters present.

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