SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 257: Ciara's Encounter [Pt 1]

”… Na. I mean, his intelligence surpasses mine, and he ’s a natural at Mana Control, I ’ll give him that. But… ”

Kuzon formed a wry smile, something that Kahn would have scoffed at but now dreaded.

”… He ’s still inferior to me. Well, I guess I have my superior bloodline to thank for that. ”

Kahn gulped slightly. It wasn ’t that he was afraid, but caution was something he had learned over the years. He refused to be careless.

”So, no. I suppose I ’m the strongest student. Even among Lecturers, there are only quite a few I have to fear… ”

Kahn remembered the ’partner ’ he collaborated with had mentioned a name to him. Perhaps this was a chance to see just how much truth dwelled in his words.

”What about the Lecturer, Neron Kalid? ”

”Pfft. Puehehehe. Puahahahahahaha!!! ” Kuzon burst out laughing.

It wasn ’t the usually composed laughter that one would expect from someone of his personality. No, it was more like a child ’s.

For the first time, it seemed like the golden-haired boy was acting like a kid.

”Oh, I do apologize… hehe… sorry about that… ” Chuckles leaked out as the boy tried to regain his composure.

Usually, Kahn would have lashed out in anger, but… he decided to cling to his patience.

”… It ’s just, you said something funny. You compared me to Neron Kaelid. ”

’Does that mean this kid is superior? He ’s young and immature, but… he ’s still a member of the Midas race, so— ’

”Neron Kaelid is definitely stronger than my father—no, anyone I know… and not by a small margin. ”

This was enough for Kahn ’s eyes to bulge in shock.

’A fully grown Midas?! ’

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