I mean, his intelligence surpasses mine, and hes a natural at Mana Control, Ill give him that.

Kuzon formed a wry smile, something that Kahn would have scoffed at but now dreaded.

Hes still inferior to me.
Well, I guess I have my superior bloodline to thank for that.

Kahn gulped slightly.
It wasnt that he was afraid, but caution was something he had learned over the years.
He refused to be careless.

So, no.
I suppose Im the strongest student.
Even among Lecturers, there are only quite a few I have to fear

Kahn remembered the partner he collaborated with had mentioned a name to him.
Perhaps this was a chance to see just how much truth dwelled in his words.

What about the Lecturer, Neron Kalid?

Puahahahahahaha!!! Kuzon burst out laughing.

It wasnt the usually composed laughter that one would expect from someone of his personality.
No, it was more like a childs.

For the first time, it seemed like the golden-haired boy was acting like a kid.

Oh, I do apologize hehe sorry about that Chuckles leaked out as the boy tried to regain his composure.

Usually, Kahn would have lashed out in anger, but he decided to cling to his patience..

Its just, you said something funny.
You compared me to Neron Kaelid.

Does that mean this kid is superior? Hes young and immature, but hes still a member of the Midas race, so

Neron Kaelid is definitely stronger than my fatherno, anyone I know and not by a small margin.

This was enough for Kahns eyes to bulge in shock.

A fully grown Midas?!

Kuzon was saying that a mere Lecturer was stronger than an accomplished user of Magic? Surely, Kahn found that incredibly dubious.

It may not sound like much, but youre seriously overestimating our race.
Most people make that mistake.
The boy chuckled.

Kahn felt like he was being called stupid, but he decided to let it slip.

The ones who have most of the power are royalty.
All royals are geniuses, possessing Special Grade Mana Cores.
I suppose you could say were the Midas of the Midas folks.

We? Kahn was already getting some bad vibes.

Im the prince of the Midas Empire or should I say, was? Hmm

The Shadow Demon felt like he was being assailed by too much informationmore than he could handleall at once.

It only makes sense that Im this strong so, I suppose that answers your question.
As for this Academy, I dont think they have anything to do with you guys.
Humans dont really feel you guys are a threat.
Many dont even know you exist, you know?

Kahn was shocked.

What was he hearing?

He would have taken that stance before, but there was no way humans who knew nothing of Demons would counter his Shadows so easily.
Or maybe

Was it this kid that took care of all the Shadow Clones? Then that makes sense

If that was the case, and Kuzon was telling the truth, then he had been overreacting all along.
He was too hasty in his judgment.

He had been the first to break the vow between humans and Demons, and he actually dared to venture this far.
Kahn realized it now.

I should have just returned

No, he shouldnt have left the Demon Realm in the first place!

I suppose Ive answered your question.
Its your turn now

Kahn grunted, not feeling very motivated to go back on his word.
Other Demon Lords would have never stuck to a deal made with humanswell, except Rougebut even then


Do you know anyone by the name of Kido?

Kahn was surprised by the simplicity of the golden-haired boys question.
So much so that he cocked his head a bit.

I see so thats a no, uh? Figures

Kahn felt somewhat bad that he got all that information and couldnt even answer the kids question.
Still, once he realized that the boy would still die by his hands, Kahn shook off any useless emotion.

I guess it was too optimistic to expect anything.
But, I have to ask what is the current status of the White Demon tribe?

The White Demons, just as the Shadow Demons, belonged to the same Race.
They were popularly known as Shapeshifters or Doppelgangersa nasty bunch in Kahns opinion.

Still, they were members of his Species.
That afforded them some level of respect on his end.

Do you really think Ill sell out my people? The Demon growled.

Hey, I answered your questions, didnt I?

Sstill ask another one.
I cant reveal the internal information of my people.

The golden-haired boy sighed, most likely in exasperation.
Kahn felt worse than before, but he hardened his heart.
He wasnt going to betray his resolve.

Tell me this at least in the past nine years have there been any suspicious activities on their end? I mean have they left the Demon Realm to visit the human world? Have they had contact with anyone from the outside?

What are these strange questions? Kahns thoughts were troubled.

Still, he didnt intend to dodge the inquisition this time.

I am not aware of anything like that.
Besides, the White Tribe are not exactly the most open about their affairs.
Even if they were to have snuck out, it wasnt within my jurisdiction, to begin with.
I wouldnt know

Demon Tribes had some level of Autonomy, and while the Demon Lords had absolute power and were respected by all, their authority could only be directly used on the members of their respective tribes.

Only the Demon King commanded the absolute fealty of all Demons.
He was their absolute monarch, as well as Kahns master.


Kahn snapped out of his reminiscing state as he heard a disgusted sound.
He glanced in the Kuzons direction, only to find him glaringno, simply giving a condescending look.

Kuzons casual smile had turned grim, and his lips curled downward to show a disappointed frown.

Youre so useless.
You simply wasted my time.
The boys voice was chilly, causing Kahn to shudder.

He emanated a different air than before.
The atmosphere felt dangerous.

Oh well theres nothing I can do about it now

Suddenly, heat began to rise.
It was getting hotuncomfortably hotterribly hot.

Kahn could feel it an intensity, unlike anything he had ever felt before.

This wasnt natural heat!

Ill just kill you and hope Im luckier next time

Kahn felt terror.

He was only ten percent, after all!

He wasnt at full strength!

There was no way he could handle this this power!

Lets finish this Xenia

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