ssary stuff? Is he trying to buy time? Does that mean I should truly end things quickly, after all?

Oh, dont be so apprehensive.
I dont plan on buying time or anything.
In fact, I want to end this quickly.
Its just its not every day you get to see a Demon.
I wanted to ask you something.
Kuzon murmured.

Oh? The effrontery this human

Come on.
Itll be worth your while.
I have valuable information too, you know? We could exchange info.
After were done, you can choose to kill me or something, right? What do you have to lose?

Kahn considered the boys words carefully.

Sure, he truly wanted to know about how he knew his Demon Tongue.
Not just that, he needed information on the studentsno, humans in general.

How many students were as powerful as this golden-haired boy? Were they being taught about Demons in this Academy? If that was so, then the situation was worse than he thought.
In that case

But I will ask you my question first.

Sure, I dont mind.

For a moment, there was silence.
Kahn was deliberating what to ask the young boy before him.

How do you know so much? How are you so strong? How many students here are as strong as you or are you just considered average here? What exactly do you know about our race? You humans plan on invading us, dont you? Despite the deal.
How dare you!!!

From a single question, Kahn threw a flurry of inquisitions, raising his voice as he spoke.
It was obvious how agitated the Shadow Demon felt.

Hmm, thats a load of questions.
Was the only thing Kuzon said, in a calm and collected manner.

After waiting for some time, the boy continued.

My name is Kuzon Midas.
Does that ring a bell?

Kahns eyes widened in surprise, and then searched his memory for the familiar name.
It wasnt the first name that intrigued him but the last!

Midas! You belong to that place?! ’

It was no wonder the kid was so strong.
Kahn understood perfectly now.

I dont know what deal you were referring to, but the Midas Empire had nothing to do with that.
As you know, we were never involved in your war.

Kahn remembered.

The denizens of the Midas Empire didnt really consider themselves the same as the other raceseven though they looked human.

And so, even when the humans, dwarves, beastfolk, elves, and fairies joined in the war against the Demons, they never interfered.

Usually, such a nation would get stuck in the conflict caused by war and have to pick a side, but the Midas Empire never participated in the battle and the crisis never affected them.

They were that formidable.

Kahn felt a little apprehensive now that a member of such a race was before himsomewhat grateful he was only encountering a kid.

I-I see

As for strength, I would say no one is stronger than me.
Ciara is pretty good, but shes unrefined.
Perhaps thats what makes her so formidable, though The boy leaked out a smirk.

Kahn didnt speak.
He only listened.

And then theres him Jared Leonard

Kahns antenna sprang up the moment he heard that name.
So, he was strong enough that a member of the Midas race deemed it fit to mention him.

This kid, Jared what kind of existence is he?!

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