SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 252: The Counterattack [Pt 1]

Despite the obvious stance of the crowd, it seemed Fabian refused to budge on his stance.

”While I do not mean this as an act of disrespect, you haven ’t done half as much of what Jared contributed. ” Kuzon ’s bold words forced a frown on the face of the prince.

”Still… protocols still matter as long as the regulations are concerned. The Rankers are the highest authority after the Lecturers and Academic body. As the leader, I— ”

”Why don ’t we vote, then? This is a matter that concerns life or death. In that case, school rules don ’t count for much, do they? ” I smiled at the fuming prince.

This wasn ’t just about sports festivals or ceremonies. This was an actual battle. There was no way I would leave things to an incompetent brat.

”Fine… let ’s vote, ” Fabian said.

He must have been confident in the fact that he had more people on his side.

There were 9 Rankers, and all of them would most certainly side with him. However, I wondered how true that was.

’Still, let ’s not take our chances… ’

”Okay, then. We should let everyone in the building vote. After all, they ’ll be risking their lives, no? ” I intentionally raised my voice and increased the effectiveness of my sound amplification Spell.

No one could claim they didn ’t hear my words.

Fabian, as well as the Rankers who he was counting on for their support, bulged their eyes at my seemingly ridiculous statement.

”What are you saying? Aren ’t we the representatives? It ’s only right we— ”

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”Jared is right. These students have their respective lives. Whoever will take charge of this raid will be responsible for the lives of everyone. They have the right to choose who they want to go with. ” Kuzon stated.

”I agree. ” Roy Lesyrio added.

Though he had been ignored for some time, it didn ’t change the fact that the numbers of Middle-Class students were the highest in the Academy.

As the one who stood at the top of the food chain among them, his words had weight among the majority of students gathered.

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