Alphonse and I entered my mother ’s resting chambers, a very large and elaborate room. The scent-filled fragrance of roses and delicious nectar made me smile in pleasure as I walked in.

There she was, Anabelle, laid on her bed in her sleeping state. She was so beautiful, and for the first time… she seemed fragile. Almost like a sleeping beauty.

”Get me some Sage, Quidan Potions, Red Lotus, Tiagong, and Fyr. They should all be labeled in the Green House. ” Alphonse ordered the servants within the room.

The two of them instantly nodded, rushing out to fetch the ingredients he mentioned.

”Using mana to help her won ’t help in this instance since mana is the problem. All we can do is feed her medicine so her body stabilizes on its own. Any insertion of foreign mana will only make things worse… ” Alphonse whispered, as though speaking to himself while analyzing everything.

I just kept looking at him the whole time, not knowing what to say. The way he took charge of the situation, plus the maturity he displayed. I could chalk everything down to experience.

My eyes, however, suddenly darted back to the injury he had, which made me a little worried. He was also in a bad shape.

”B-but, Alphonse… are you in any shape to do anything? Your shoulder is- ” I spoke out in concern.

Alphonse ’s eyes lit up as he looked at the bloodied shoulder he had. He most likely got the injury from the sharp sparks of lightning running wild after he saved me.

’So, he prioritized speed over defense in order to rescue me, leaving himself wide open… ’

I felt even more guilty now. Perhaps it was too much to have asked him to give me my final lesson at the time.

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However, to my surprise, Alphonse didn ’t express any concern about his injury. He placed his hand on his shoulder, and a green light hummed around it. The spreading blood ceased and the wound he had closed instantly.

”H-healing Magic! ” I beamed.

How could I have forgotten… Alphonse was a seasoned mage. Of course, he knew how to use it!

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