SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 244: Intellectual Brilliance

As is trite, Spells are classified into categories; Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Peak, and Transcendent.

Each of these categories is divided into Tiers—the Lower up to the Highest Tier. There exist Middle Tier and High Tier levels between the two.

However, for every general rule, there is always an exception.

The same is true for Spells, and Magic as a whole.

There are certain Spells that do not belong in the cadres of ranking. They can be used depending on how much Mana a user has, and their proficiency with it. As a result, these Spells are considered very versatile. It is said that many highly regarded Spells are simply offshoots of the exceptions.

The Spell [Shock] is a good example. It ’s powerful enough to stun someone at the hands of an amateur, but a true monster could use it to entirely fry multiple foes at once.

But, [Shock] has a weakness. It ’s the range.

Unless there is conductivity or a medium of transfer, the discharge remains at a very limited range. To solve that, I made my version.

Of course, by adding Light Attribute to the mix, the Spell evolved once more. It increased in speed and destruction—the ultimate Lightning Spell I have at my disposal… [Blitz].

And sure enough, against targets like Shadow Demons… it ’s crazy effective!



The sparks of light and electricity created a blinding wave of illumination that would stun anyone even if they watched from a distance.

’Ah, the problem with this Spell is that it ’s too flashy… ’

But that also served as an advantage.

If the Shadow Demons knew what was good for them, they wouldn ’t dare come this way. From their rapid movements, it seemed like they were running from something—so that meant they could feel fear… or at least an instinctual drive similar to that emotion.


”Well, that ’s all settled… whew. ” I heaved a sigh of relief.

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