After defeating the Shadow Demons and encountering a few acquaintances, I decided to climb the stairs and head for the last floor—where everyone else took refuge.

Upon getting to the large hallway, I was met with the gazes of several students. They were well over a hundred, and murmurs flowed among them. Of course, the volume of their disgruntled tone drastically reduced the moment they saw me.

’Sigh, let ’s get this over with… ’

Now practically surrounded by curious, frightful students, I calmed their nerves and decided to explain a few things to them.


To put things into summary, the students instantly flipped once I told them the identity of our assaulters.

They simply couldn ’t believe that Demons—the stuff of fairy tales and legends—were actually real… and that they were attacking. Many students gave me suspicious glares, most likely conceiving whatever notion suited their heads best.

I was less concerned, though.

More important things occupied my brain.

’Why are the Demons here? How large is the scale of their attack? ’

As though answering my voiceless query, the automaton I sent returned. Since I had already programmed it to search for my Mana signature within the building, it easily found me on the last floor, flapping its invisible wings.

The crowd of Lower-Class students surrounding me didn ’t even notice when the Automaton arrived. Since my concealment Spell was still active on the bat-like construct, that made sense.

”Undo. ”

Instantly, the invisibility wore off, and the little flying thing appeared in front of everyone.

”ARHHHHHH!!! ” Shrieks of fear rang throughout the room.

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I glared at the crowd, causing them to instantly zip up their lips.

’One of the perks of being feared, I guess… ’

It would have been a pain to try convincing them, but after seeing my performance in the Exchange, it was pretty evident that I was the strongest guy around. They must have also noticed how merciless I could be.

Fear proved to be a good incentive to make them behave.

”This is my Automaton. I had it scour the area to better understand the situation. ” I explained, hoping they would at least calm some of their nerves.

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