SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 226: Fighting Demons [Pt 1]

My breathing was uneven as perspiration trailed down my face.

I shivered as I felt the menacing beings creep around the building I was in. Their movements were uncoordinated, not befitting professionals. However, the killing intent they had far surpassed any I had ever encountered in this life.

It was almost as if they weren ’t human!

’Shit, what ’s this?! ’

I made a blunder.

I had thought the enemy sought to ambush me, but who would have expected him to prepare such an elaborate scheme? At this rate, the other students were going to get caught up in this mess.

”Wha—!!! ” I quickly sprang to my feet upon realizing that our dorm had been breached.

I sensed three of the evil presences inside the building. They were still on the ground floor, but it was only a matter of time before they made it up.

’The Dorm Master ’s quarters should be situated downstairs… ’ I reasoned, wondering if the usually lackadaisical man had noticed the presence of whatever evil crept below.

I didn ’t have time to waste… if I didn ’t act now, then…

Glancing across the room, I spotted all the necessary things I needed to take. I wasn ’t confident in my current abilities, and the fact that I couldn ’t foresee this event made me even less certain that fighting was the right choice. However, it was already too late to retreat!

”I can only move forward! ” Gritting my teeth, I prepared myself and frantically prepared my resources.

My traps were wasted.

My elaborate plans were ruined.

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All that was left… was my ability to compensate.


I heard a large sound emanate from the ground floor. The force of whatever impacted was enough to shake the whole building. I nearly fell as a result of the tremors—but after using my Mana effectively, I regained my perfect form and prepared desperately.

Since my attention was divided, I couldn ’t completely tell, but a fierce fight was going on downstairs. It was most likely between the group that had entered the dorm and the staff responsible for our building.

I didn ’t particularly like him, but since his strength was real—at the very least, up to the standard of a Mage—I tolerated the man.

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