SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 220: Teacher And Apprentice

Bond Souls, also known as Familiars, come in different shapes and sizes.

They have various levels of power based on their capabilities, but there is one thing they all have in common–other than the desire to seek a home–the power to achieve ’Bond Magic ’.

Mages could utilize their Familiars and use ’Bond Magic ’, which simply involved allowing the Familiar to use their attributes and form spells.

For this reason, Familiars are considered extremely useful for Mages, since they would be able to utilize Magic that is not in their area of specialty.

However, there is another use of Familiars. That is Fusion!

Fusion simply means the mixing of a Mage ’s Mana and a Familiar ’s forming something new and more powerful.

Only a few Mages could achieve complete Fusion with their Familiars, which would allow them to completely use a heightened version of Bond Magic and even strengthen their personal Magic. The best part of Fusion is the new Magic that would be birthed from mixing two different Mana…

… Fusion Magic!


”Haa… haa… ”

”This is seriously hard… ”

I fell on my back and gave more heavy breaths, feeling completely spent. Fortunately, the soft grass beneath me was ready to receive my weight, so I didn ’t feel much of an impact when I fell.

”How… haa… do you manage so many? ”

My breath was strained and my eyes were heavy. I hadn ’t felt this exhausted in so long–and considering how hectic my usual training always was, this was just too extreme.

”Looks like you ’re tired out already… that ’s a bit disappointing. ” Neron ’s voice appeared and I heard his footsteps approach me.

I felt a bit of irritation wash over me once I heard his comments.

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The man brought his head above me and looked at my low estate with a smile on his face. It appeared he was satisfied with how much I was suffering.

”With this, I ’m convinced you ’re not a monster. If you mastered this easily, I would honestly be very freaked out. ”

Yep, I was right!

”Well, I completely suck at controlling my Familiars. You don ’t have to tell me… ” I gave a tired groan as I struggled to rise from my back and sit on the dirt.

”No. Your level is pretty normal for your age. No, I could say you ’re progressing faster than normal… ” Neron smiled.

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