The match had gone in a way that none would have expected!

A Lower Class elite, already known to be scum, competing earnestly against one of the strongest in the Academy. That was something unbelievable to the audience.

Jerry had somehow defied the odds and kept fighting even when the others that came before him surrendered without even the slightest bit of effort… or were simply one-shoted before they could even voice out their surrender.

Seeing Jerry engaging Richard with all he had slowly morphed the opinion of those who watched. Even though they knew the boy would ultimately lose… something about his persistence struck a chord in their hearts.

So, this was what a true battle was like?

It was due to this reason that Jerry could not give up now! So far, he had been giving his all, and was now inspiring his underclassmen. If he faltered now, how would they find the courage to advance? The boy wasn ’t merely looking for a way to look good while fighting. No, he wanted to do battle… and win!

That was the only way he could actually turn the dogma within the Academy around.


He charged at his opponent with that resolve, cutting through the wind as he took flight.

This time Jerry made sure he was faster, stronger… infusing so much mana into his legs and arms that he felt like they would blow up from the heat. Searing pain shot through his body, but the resolute lad endured it. It was all or nothing!

A few seconds more… just a bit more time remained!

This time… he was going to ensure he got that hit!

”That ’s enough messing around! ” Richard Novo stated.

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All of a sudden, Jerry couldn ’t explain what happened but, his body felt heavier than ever before.


Without any warning, the boy who glided through the air thanks to his Fire Magic, plummeted to the ground.

”Guh! ” He groaned, trying to push himself higher, but there was no sped or momentum that could go against the weight of gravity that pushed him to the ground.


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