SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 200: [Bonus chapter] Crushing

Both boys did not even hesitate before lunging at each other with such deafening speed, one would shiver at the sound.


Jerry sharply propelled himself with Wind Magic, aiming at his opponent who had also shrouded himself with a spell of the same elemental attribute. However, unlike Jerry, who was taking the initiative to strike, Richard Novo simply ascended high above ground.

The Upper Class elite moved in such a sharp turn, like a rocket, sending a force of great intensity radiating around him. This pressure knocked Jerry back a bit as he stuggled to maintain his balance, while looking at the height his opponent had ascended to.

”Being on the same level as a worm like you is sickening. The view is better from here… ” Richard Novo sneered.

Currently, a wind spell taking the form of a mini twister was beneath him, circling from the boy ’s waist down. This was what held him up and gav him the height leverage that Jerry couldn ’t begin to overcome.

Richard Novo had always had a superiority complex, so this move was perfect for him. It allowed him to stare down at his opponents while attacking. Not only was he out of anyone ’s immediate reach, thanks to his wind elevation spell, but he could also attack from a safe distance. There was no means of fighting more suitable for the arrogant boy.

As for Larry, he was a Fire Mage by nature, albeit having diverse abilities in the other elemental attributes.

Usually, a Magic-User could use this attribute as an advantage against a Wind-based opponent, but judging from the gap in their abilities, any actions to that end would only backfire in Jerry.

’I have to do this! ’ Jerry ’s thoughts cried.

With resolute eyes, he summoned flames. They were sharp and precise, emanating from his legs, giving the boy the right boost to lunge himself forward… and higher!

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Controlling his trajectory like a speeding bullet, Jerry dived into the air, aiming for his opponent.

”Looks like you ’ve got a little trick, eh? ” Richard Novo smiled, flinging his hands to create booms of winds, like torrents, to attack the fast approaching boy.

Jerry, in full on battle mode, noticed Richard ’s movements and already deduced an attack was coming.


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