The Hall greeted them with silence.

Eyes darted in the direction of the ones who entered the large expanse. The decorum was deafening—uncomfortable, even.

Jerry watched as the people who had already gathered stared. Of course, he knew the looks weren ’t for him or even in his direction. The eyes of everyone lunged at the same location!

The seat of the Elites!

Yes, even though the Hall was segmented, two additional areas completed the circle around the colosseum. One belonged to the regular participants who had been competing in the Exchange for so long.

However, the other cluster of seats were reserved for the ones known to be the highest in Status—no, not the Rankers—the Elite Ten!

Unlike the other seats which were designed to accommodate more students than were actually present, the chairs arranged in rows and columns in the special area were exactly thirty!

Thirty seats, all belonging to specific people; from the Elite 10 of the Upper Class, to the Middle, and finally the Lower Class.

These seats had already been occupied by a couple of individuals, nineteen to be exact.

The Middle row was filled with the Top Ten of the Middle Class, and the rows in the ground area belonged to the Lower Class. All the members of both were present, except one—Jerry himself.

As he entered the Hall from the entrance, no one paid him any heed. They didn ’t mean this as an act of disrespect, no, they were just too engrossed with the sight of the most exceptional students in Ainzlark.

Well, not completely, but… at least in the room, no one could rival any of the ones seated in that special area. That was the opinion of the public, but a few in the room would find that very debatable.

Jerry, along with his companions, silently walked across the vast space, drawing close to zero attention. If he wanted to make an entrance, he could have attempted it—but Jerry wasn ’t that kind of person.

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