My ego had been shattered—my pride at being a step ahead of everyone else was completely ruined.

All I had gotten from this Exchange was the desire to grow even better… as well as a Rival who would spur me on to achieve that.

”Winner, Kuzon Midas. ” Klaus ’ voice echoed across the hall as I descended the broken-down stage.

A sting crepy upon my heart but I shook it off. For now, I would have to live with this loss… and it would only make me grow stronger eventually!

”I now declare that the one who has officially scored first place in the Magic Division for the First years is… Kuzon Midas! ”

The crowd seemed to be a bit conflicted by the results as it took a few moments of pause before a wave of cheer burst from them. Since I had lost, there was no longer any place for me among the competitors. My eyes frolicked about and I saw Ana seared among the other First Year Lower Class students.

Of course, she sat alone—most likely due to the special treatment given to the strong by those who knew they were inferior.

Her sparkling eyes invited me in her direction as she lightly tapped a seat beside her. Nodding slightly, I smiled and proceeded to join her.

As I took my steps, it was impossible to ignore the multitude of eyes on me. Some displayed bewilderment, some fear, some suspicion, some reverence… some animosity!

I felt a cold stare from behind me, the direction was the Judges ’ stand. I realized that it had to belong to none other than Damien Lawcroft, so I ignored whatever annoyed expression he had to be making.

Even after seeing the sight I displayed, was his stubbornness too much that it blinded him from admitting to the potential a Lower Class trash had?

I shrugged off the negative vibes he emitted and completely ignored the positive looks from everyone around.

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If I had won the match, perhaps my reaction would be different. But, now? All I felt was a burning need to get better!

Even as people stared, I climbed the stairs and reached for the elevated spot where Ana was waiting for me with empty seats.

I helped myself to the seat on her left, rendering a word of thanks.

”You did good out there! It was an amazing match! ” She spoke even before I completely settled in.

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