SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 177: Jared Vs Kuzon (Pt 2)

The moment the signal was given, I armed myself with all forms of enhancements.

In a battle against a superior opponent, it was best to be at one ’s peak—physically.

Using all five of my Cores to multi-cast, I was able to arm myself with several spells within the time frame of seconds.

”Are you done with your preparations? ” Kuzon smiled as he spoke.

”Who knows? Am I? ” I retorted.

”I see you ’re taking this match seriously… why? It ’s really no big deal who wins or loses. This is just a ceremonial activity that this Academy uses to flaunt the superiority of the Upper-Class students. ” Kuzon shrugged.

Well, he wasn ’t wrong.

”Or, don ’t tell me… you aim to rebel against that notion by achieving victory here. Is that it? ”

”No! ” I sharply responded to his insinuations.

”My goals are not as grand as that. This is just something I want to do. It ’s nothing personal, well, it wasn ’t… but now… ”

”Is it because I won against the female friend who always hangs around you? ”

I furrowed my brow slightly at his jestful remark.

”Not really. But… I consider you a challenge to surpass. That ’s all there is to it. ”

The moment I said this, Kuzon paused for a moment—looking dazed.

His silence didn ’t last for long, though, as he soon burst into laughter.

”Hahahahaha! Oh my, to think you ’d say it like that. ”

His golden hair swayed as he cocked his hair to the side and supported it with his hand. With his fingers frolicking his hair and putting it into place, he gave a wide smile.

”Well, I don ’t consider you a challenge at all. Your skills are great, but… you can ’t beat me. ”

I stared straight into the boy ’s eyes. It didn ’t seem like he was lying or even overconfident in his strength.

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What he spoke was most likely the truth!

… But…

”We ’ll see about that! ” I grinned excitedly.

… Why was my heart beating so fast in anticipation the more I thought of how right the boy was? My obsessive nature was surfacing, and the desire to win rang truer than ever.

”Let ’s do this! ”


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