”Why don ’t we make a bet? ” I asked, grinning at the flustered mage.

’He must be thinking that I ’m making a desperate attempt here, but let ’s see if he ’ll bite! ’

”What kind of bet? ” He asked.

Perfect! He took the bait.

”Set a standard. You said I ’m way behind my peers, correct? ”

”Y-yeah. Your magic capacity and growth are too- ”

”Then, set a standard. In two years, I should conclude my training with you. Tell me a spell that anyone by that age will be able to cast, and if I don ’t meet up to that standard when I turn 12, I ’ll become a Scholar! ”

My declaration stunned Alphonse. The expression he made actually hurt me a little.

’I ’m not crazy, old fart! ’ My mind rang.

”Come on, there ’s nothing to lose. I ’ll keep practicing magic, you ’ll keep teaching me, and I ’ll keep learning as much as I can. Even as a Scholar, it ’s good to have deep roots in the knowledge of magic, as well as basic magic usage. Don ’t you think so? ” I smiled, trying to convince him.

’Welp, I didn ’t have magic usage in the past, but I managed to reach the top. Let ’s hope he doesn ’t bring that up… ’

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”But, didn ’t the Great Sage not have any- ”

’Ahhh! He did! ’

”I ’m not the great Sage, okay? I have mana, at least! It ’ll be a waste if I don ’t train it to an extent. Plus, we ’ve already started my magic training. It ’s been three years now. What ’s two more years? ”

Alphonse seemed to see some reason in my words, which was a good thing. If he had proved to be thick-skulled, I don ’t know what else I could have said in order to convince him to keep teaching a hopeless case like myself.

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