”Guh! ” I let out groaning sounds, trying to escape the cementing pool before I became completely stuck, but…

”It ’s too late! ” Stefan screamed, electricity buzzing from his fingertips.

A giant magic circle appeared above my head, covering the whole expanse of the hardening puddle that entrapped me in an instant.

It was at least ten feet above, and the sparks of energy around it told of bad news.

My eyes returned to Stefan who was now smiling, obviously done casting the great spell about to envelope me.

”Dark Lightning Return! ”


Sparks flew as multiple purple flashes of lightning burst out of the circle, all charging straight down.

’T-this is… High-Tier Intermediate!!! ’

Before I could complete those thoughts, though, the burst of electricity connected, surging through the area of impact which generated a deafening explosion.


Chunks of tiles from the stage flew about thanks to the sheer pressure of the attack, and remnant flashes of lightning crackled.

>SHUUUUUU< Smoke rose from the completely solidified pool of cement which had cracked apart as a result of the spell 's overwhelming power.

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”That was an Intermediate Spell of that High-Tier. There ’s no way you could have dodged it in time… especially since it caught you by surprise. Plus, lightning is one of the fastest elements there is. You ’re done for! ” Stefan said as he approached.

Smoke filled the area of impact and the roasting smell of burning earth tingled on the nose. Based on the destruction he caused, it was fair for Stefan to assume victory over our battle, but…

”… The match isn ’t over yet, genius! ”

Stefan jumped in shock as he sharply turned his head behind him. The pure expression of confusion that enveloped his face was such a sight to see.

”Y-you… h-how?! ” He frantically yelled, beads of sweat appearing on his face.

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