SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 162: Swallow God vs Blade God

Klaus called the three contestants for the Martial Arts Division, bringing them out to the stage.

Edward, along with Xavier Denmark and Eben Lustriel—students from the Middle and Upper Class respectively—all climbed the platform for contesting, facing the moderator as he spoke the rules.

”You will now pick lots. Your placement in the battle will be determined by the numbers you have chosen. ” Klaus declared, bringing out their tags from his breast pocket.

The students conceded and took their respective tags from Klaus. Once each of them had gotten one, the adult amid them instructed them to open the folded piece of paper and view the contents within.

”State the number written in your tags! ”

The students could most likely make a guess concerning the relevance of their respective figures and obeyed without hesitation.

”A ” Eben Lustriel said.

”B ” Xavier Denmark muttered.

”C ” Edward Karl Leon, my comrade, finally retorted.

”Good. Edward, leave the stage for the two of them to have the first round. ” Klaus stated.

The boy did as instructed, but I could see an impatient flame burning in his eyes. He most likely wanted to be first, yet he had been shifted to the last to fight.

Well, it was only a matter of time anyway. With this line of thought, I cast my gaze away from Edward who stood at the sidelines, and focused on the two who were about to fight.

As usual, weapons were provided for them, and coincidentally… both of them had swords for weapons.

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The Middle-Class student had a broadsword, well versed in its strength and cutting-edge swiftness. As for the Upper-Class elite, his katana was wielded with elegance. It was way longer than the broadsword, but its thin layer seemed so fickle that it could break upon impact with the opponent ’s sturdier tool.

”Begin! ”

As soon as Klaus commenced the exchange, both contending students became a blur and charged swiftly at each other. They both took their Martial Arts stances and moved their bodies in like-manner.

The broad-sword wielder, focusing on strength and speed, fortified his legs and twisted his body to generate enough force that would break concrete.

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