SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 161: The Round Of Martial Arts

Kuzon and Anabelle stood opposite each other on stage, both staring at each other—Ana had an intense gaze, while the boy was simply donning his usual expression.

’Knowing Anabelle ’s personality, will she even consider quitting?! ’ I reasoned, taking the girl ’s bubbly nature into account.

She was academically smart, as well as a genius in the field of magic. But, in re

al-life situations and decision-making, she was very dense—an absolute idiot.

Evidence of that was her childish logic in refusing to practice Magic in order to surpass Lewis Griffith on equal grounds.

I just hoped she wasn ’t planning on going all-out when it wasn ’t even a match with any stakes for her.

’She could also be trying to gain information on what kind of magic he can use using this match as a basis… that ’s not a bad rationale. ’

Considering it was often important to know the specialty of your target and learn a lot from them in battle, that line of reasoning could prove advantageous if we encountered Kuzon later on in the competition.

But, such tricks wouldn ’t work on someone of his caliber.

I was certain he wasn ’t planning on using all his cards in this match. So, no matter how much information Ana tried to wriggle out of him, it was of no use.

Plus… how sure was I that Anabelle was capable of drawing out Kuzon ’s full power?

’In any case, it ’s a risky venture… not worth it in the slightest! ’

”Relax, Jared. You should believe in Ana more. ” A voice interrupted my thoughts.

I looked at Edward, who must have been watching me agonize over what Anabelle would do in this situation.

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”Huu… you ’re right… ” I whispered and calmed myself.

I was overthinking things, as usual. Whatever decision she made was her choice. She had already passed, so just as I was free to use up my second match as I pleased, she was also allowed to as well. What would it be, though?

”Begin! ” Klaus announced, commencing the match.

”I surrender. ” Ana let out, waving her hand casually in the air.

Kuzon had not even attempted to move or fight, almost as if he had expected this.

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