SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 146: Battle Royale (Pt 3)

We witnessed our seniors duke it out, in silence.

No one among the audience spoke, no, we were too fixated on the match that was unfolding. By the time it was over, the heavy strained breaths of everyone seemed to let loose—heaves of relief spread across the hall.

Finally, the horrid match of desperation was over.

Unfortunately, this was only one of the several matches that would unfold—

Three Classes

Three Years

Three Departments.

While the nature of each Battle Royale would be different, we would have to watch, waiting our turn, as classmates destroyed one another for the right to remain in the fold.

Why did they try so hard? It was only a competition, after all…

Of course, the answer was obvious—Apprenticeship.

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If they made an indelible impression on the Lecturers who were scattered about, these students would be able to be personally taught by them. It was a desperate strategy, but the returns made it all worth it.

Even I had to impress Neron to be taken in as his disciple!

”Alright, First Years! For the Magic-Users, you should have now understood how the Battle Royale works. Next, let us invite the Third Year Lower Class Martial Arts department, for their round. ” Klaus Tallman boomed, driving everyone who was in shock back into reality.

I gave a wry smile and realized that they were using the Lower Class seniors as scapegoats to start the competition. I wasn ’t too surprised by this fact, yet why did I feel disgusted?

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