r the Scholarship section.

Finally, the Magic Users would go all out to defeat their opponents using their adept manipulation of mana and their deep knowledge of Spells for the Magic Section.

These three sections made up the Inter-School Exchange, a reason why it took a total of seven days to complete.

However, since this wasnt a strict academic program and had no effect on the scores gotten from our respective courses, it was possible for students to register for participation in any section or not to register at all!

For the Exchange, I had Anabelle go for the Magic Section, same as me.
Edward, of course, would be contesting in Martial Arts.

It was not a team match, so it wasnt possible for Ana and me to collaborate, but since we were matched against students from other classes, we wouldnt need to face ourselves at all.

Out of everyone I had to watch out for, the Upper-Class students had the bulk of talent, naturally.
People like Stefan Netherlore, Maria Helmsworth, and even Ivan Smith, had my interests.

Of course, the new face was also on my list since I knew nothing about him.
Of everything one needed to fear most, the unknown topped the list.

Now then, without further ado I shall be Introducing your judges!!!

Pointing toward the edge of the stage, a tall platform emerged.
I was certain earth magic was at work since it appeared so seamlessly.
The platform was made up of sturdy tiles and began floating in the air.

The platform in the air levitated, and three seats with desks were placed atop it.
A bright light sparked, and in an instant, three people occupied the judges seats.

A wry smile formed on my face as I noticed our academic supervisor, Damien Lawcroft at the center of the seat.
Legris Damien, another familiar face sat on the left, while someone I hadnt seen before occupied the left.

These Senior Lecturers who are well-versed in the art of Magic and Martial Arts will be accumulating your points and judging your performance based on merit.

Silence filled the hall as a result of the huge respect we placed on the highly esteemed figures that sat on the floating block of tiles.

The rules shall now be displayed for everyone to see.
These judges will completely adhere to the regulations when compiling the results and as competitors, you should too.
Please note that cheating is strictly forbidden, and you will never be able to get away with it.
That much I can guarantee!

The fact that he emphasized cheating meant some idiots had tried that before.
It almost made me laugh that someone would attempt such a thing when experts keenly watched their every move.

The moment Klaus finished announcing his piece, large panels appeared on all four corners of the stage, displaying the rules to everyone.

The panels, similar to the board that displayed our results back then, were easy to read and had to have required an impeccable use of mana to create.

Hmm, lets see

Looking at them now, I could understand why the exam required judges.
It was going to be an intense match!

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