SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 142: The Classes Converge

”Pfffft! ” I nearly spurted out saliva in amusement.

Stefan went through all that trouble only to say that? It appeared he was taking the whole ’rival ’ thing a bit too far.

”Oh? He said that? interesting… ”

As my grin intensified, I noticed the worried expressions displayed by Edward and Anabelle.

”Those guys belong to the Upper Class, right? Are you sure you should be crossing them? ”

”Yeah, I mean… can we really compete against them? ”

Their tone displayed worry and inferiority. I could tell from the shades in their eyes that these two had given up on competing against the top dogs. To be fair, their disposition was justified. Normally, those who were already labeled as inferior couldn ’t rise above the superior ones.

Plus, they had only started actively learning the use of Mana for three weeks. With so much gap in experience between them and the supposed adversaries, shrinking to safety was the natural course of action.


”You guys don ’t need to worry about a thing. We have two months, don ’t we? That is enough time to surpass those guys! ”

I intentionally omitted the fact that these two were already stronger than all Middle-Class Students, and we ’re already close to reaching the level of Upper-Class ones.

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They needed to work harder, and I wasn ’t going to settle for ’barely enough ’. The fact that I invested so much time and effort in these guys meant I expected massive returns.

”You all got amazing familiars, and your Mana Cores are in acceptable states. For the next two months, we ’ll be mainly focusing on spells for Anabelle, and techniques for Edward! ”

Slowly, I saw the fog of uncertainty clear away from their eyes. My confidence seemed to be doing the trick. Since I had brought them this far… they could only expect me to stick by my promise!

”Yeah, about the techniques… Jared, there ’s something I need to tell you… ”

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