”U-urgh… ”

My voice was hollow as I opened my eyes to see the ceiling.

It took a few moments for me to fully grasp my current predicament, but I silently processed it. With empty eyes and strained breaths, my lips curled up in a slight smile upon realizing all I remembered was not a dream.

’I did it, uh? I got myself four Familiars! ’

That wasn ’t the only good news. My Mana Cores, with the exception of my original, had advanced to the Yellow Core Grade, each accumulating enough to put the best highest Yellow Core Grade student in any class.

These were all things worth celebrating.

Unfortunately, my body was in no state for festivities. Thanks to pushing myself well past the limit, and depriving my body of the appropriate nutrients after going through such a tasking procedure, this much was expected.

Fortunately, I sustained no permanent damage, and I was most likely in an infirmary. After taking a good look around, I confirmed my assumption.

’Six Mana Cores is the limit for my body currently… but that doesn ’t mean I should push it! ’

Human beings were like rubber. Our base form was not the limit, and we could continue stretching and increasing in power. However, it would be inadvisable to keep any piece of rubber in its stretched state for too long or to push it to the point of its elastic limit.

’I shouldn ’t have six Cores within me, even if I can. There has to be a balance, else I ’ll just be overtaking this body… ’

That meant one thing—for now, I had reached the limits of my Mana Core growth, at least in quantity. I could still increase the quality.

”Ah, maybe I overdid it a little, though… ”

I was fully recovered, having only slight aches here and there, so it wasn ’t necessary to remain in bed. But, seeing that no one was around to interrupt me and that the place was quiet, it was the best time to manifest my Familiars.

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Closing my eyes and maintaining a steady breathing pattern, I entered a meditative state and connected with my four Mana Cores that had the Wisps dancing within.

’As expected, they ’ve gotten accustomed to the Core… ’

While a Mana Core may appear little to humans, once Familiars contracted with a Host and entered it, the Mana Core was basically like a whole world to it.

The better the Core Grade, the larger the world would grow. Currently, thanks to the quality of my Cores, their sizes were each as big as my family ’s manor back home.

I was certain that the Familiars wouldn ’t be uncomfortable for a while. But, now wasn ’t the time for leisure. Now that I had contracted with them, the next step would be to begin enforcing our agreement.

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