SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 129: The Familiar Selection Ceremony (Pt 3)

”Once the Gate is opened, Familiars will pour out and swarm the area. Do not worry, none shall harm you. ” Damien began explaining the ceremony.

No student dared zoning out at this critical juncture.

”Special Magic has been placed around that prevents them from being hostile. Besides, they are Familiars, and all seek satisfactory hosts. None of them will attack potential candidates. ”

Our supervisor continued his explanation, telling us about the time frame for selecting a Familiar. The ceremony started at exactly 12:00 and a period of three hours was provided for every student to get a Familiar.

For the Inepts, they would all be given artificial Mana Cores—Mana Stones, to form contracts with their Familiars.

Since the ceremony was sacred, disturbances were not allowed, so all the staff would steer clear from the forest, though observational Magic would be used to watch us.

Once a contract was made, the student would exit the forest and meet the Supervisor and Lectures waiting at the entrance of the forest and give his/her report.

This allowed for registration, grading, and future assessments.

”Since this is a non-biased Ceremony, we will not interfere. The same kind of artificial Mana Cores will be given to all Inepts, and as for the rest who possess Mana Cores, it all depends on your ability and affinity with the Familiars. ”

Damien Lawcroft said that, but I wondered if he actually meant it.

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Even if this ceremony was meant to be fair, reality made it hard for that to be possible. Talent and skill played a huge part in scoring a good Familiar, something we as Lower-Class students lacked a great deal.

Very little avenue for growth was provided for us, so there was no way we would be superior to those in the higher Classes. This ensured that they would obtain the better Familiars and we would be stuck with the less impressive ones.

’A Familiar is said to be one ’s bond for life… though that is not strictly so. It is possible to sever one ’s bond with a Familiar, but the method is very rare and costly. I doubt Lower-Class graduates would be able to afford it even after they become fully-fledged Mages, Martial Artists, or Scholars.

’Well, the rich ones probably can… but what about people like Edward? ’

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