SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 12: Commencement Of Learning


Were my eyes deceiving me? Absolutely not!

I had no idea how my prim and proper mother was able to achieve such a feat, even with the long gown she wore and her seemingly slender arms. She had never displayed such monstrous strength and agility the whole time I have known her.

Dragging the stranger she called Alphonse, she bent backward and flung him to the ground in a mighty suplex, causing a loud noise to reverberate in my ears.

”W-wha-?! ” I could only mutter, seeing as my eyes barely followed her movements.

The man ’s head was planted to the ground, and his eyes had turned white while his mouth foamed. It appeared that her sudden action had sent him into a state of unconsciousness instantly.

My mother… sure is scary!

”Ah, it still hurts… did you really have to go that far, Ana? ” Alphonse grumbled while cracking his sore neck.

After the incident, mother ordered the maids to carry the unconscious man to the guest lounge, where she told me to come as well.

Of course, she had paused to ask how I was doing and if it hurt anywhere, but I was more concerned about her proximity to me than any other thing.

’Don ’t try feigning affection to me now, you brute! ’ My mind rang, unable to separate the current image I had of my mother at the moment.

Still, as a master of acting, an art I had cultivated for the seven years of my life, I reverted to my childish nature and gave her a sweet and warm smile.

”I ’m okay, mum. ”

Of course, this did the trick as she tightly embraced me, suffocating me with her enormous chest.

’Just break all my bones, will you! ’

After the maids began taking Alphonse up, mother followed behind them, while I followed behind her.

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