SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 113: Shadows Rising (Pt 1)

Kahn initiated the bloodshed.

The villagers were still petrified, not wanting to believe that the very being that inspired dear and chaos was standing before them. They made perfect prey for a vengeful predator.

The Shadow Demon raised its hand toward them, causing the villagers to shrink back in fear. Their lips quivered, trying to force out the words that rang in all their hearts. But, the people were scared.

If they said the word, it just might come true… the fact that before them stood a Demon!


In a flash, no, faster than that, the dark hand of the Shadow Demon stretched forth and retracted.

Like rubber, stretching and returning to shape, the creature ’s limbs moved in like manner. If was swifter than the eyes of mere humans could follow, and the scared group fell silent, unaware of what the Demon had just done…



The head of one of the villagers cleanly fell off and blood poured out of the gaping neck remained.

Everyone ’s eyes caught the sight at once. The villager was one of the men who bravely led the group. He held a pitchfork and stood at the vanguard… a trusty man who boasted one of the greatest physical force in the village of Urich.

Just like that, this man lost his life and his finely toned muscular body crashed to the ground, littering it in blood.


In response to this unbecoming sight of carnage, the one hundred and ninety-nine villagers could only think of one course of action.


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Pained screams. Scared screams. Disbelieving screams.

All kinds of screams sharply peaked as the villagers let out their surging emotions of panic, fear, and sorrow.

”Hmn, I see… so how they die hasn ’t changed… ” Kahn muttered in a bit of self-note.

The man who had just fallen, now dead, was merely a scapegoat meant to test Kahn ’s outdated knowledge of the humans. Last he remembered, the surefire way to kill humans was to cut off their heads or go for the heart.

Death was instant and guaranteed using such methods.

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