SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 111: The Start Of Despair (Pt 2)

The town of Urich was an integral part of the Eastern Kingdom, albeit small.

Being a rural area, greatly underdeveloped, its denizens were also not too many. A total of three hundred and thirty-nine dwelled there—approximately 120 adult males, 150 adult females, and the remaining were children. Many of the adults were also elderly, living up to a ripe old age before death called for them.

Despite the small size and hardly civilized means of living, this small dot on the map was within the border of the Kingdom. Urich wasn ’t exempt from the obligations toward the Kingdom and the benefits that came with them.

As a rural settlement, the people made a living using trade by Barter, exchanging one item for the other, rather than using the currency of the Kingdom.

To them who lived at the furthest end of the Eastern Kingdom ’s border, facing the north, there was no better means of exchange. They mostly dealt in arables—grains and legumes when it came to agriculture. The town also had a couple of animals who were used as beasts for burdens to plow the land and transport goods.

Livestock wasn ’t in fashion, though a few homes had a couple of domestic fowls that they raised. Still, it wasn ’t as though the entire village practiced such a thing.

Any commodity the town lacked was supplied to them by the Merchants who came to buy from them. In exchange for high-quality grains and legumes, they would receive meat, milk, and other necessities. They sewed their own clothes from the little cotton they grew, and made their shoes from malleable wildwood and rough plant parts.

The homes resembled thatched huts, built of straw and wood. These weren ’t perfect constructs, but each of their homes was made to be sturdy—they lasted years without the need for repair.

While their lives couldn ’t be said to be comfortable and ideal, they lived in harmony and unity. Their small numbers caused a deeper understanding of everyone in the community. They were one large family. Happiness was a luxury everyone could afford.

This same town, at the edge of the kingdom ’s territory to the north… was about to receive a rude awakening!

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Kahn was still brimming with anger, fury, no, shame… his slumped shoulders drooped even further whenever he remembered the humiliation he suffered at the hands of his previous subordinate.

It was utterly disgraceful!

As a Demon, rank was everything. Despite being among the six Demon Lords and the ruler of his race of Shadows, he lost it all in the Succession Challenge.

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