According to Ana, her family had more than enough Magic-Users, and since she was a female as well, she got away with doing anything she wanted.

It kinda made me feel like she was abandoned, but to her, it couldn ’t have been any better. She was able to drown in her study and research, even being able to choose the career path she wanted.

Her parents were rich and powerful nobles, so enrolling her into Ainzlark was no big deal.

As I already expected, the exams for Scholars greatly differed from ours. There was no Mana Core Grade exam or practical magic session.

Other than the rigorous written portion of their exams, the Scholar entrants had to solve various riddles and perform practical analyses of problems. They were also interviewed and bombarded with nerve-wracking questions which would determine their Class within the Academy.

”I intentionally scored lower so I would end up here! ” Ana proudly said once again.

I truly felt like spanking her head, but my self-control saved the day.

”Lewis Griffith never faced this kind of challenge during his time, so when I end up rising above everyone else despite my Lower Class Status, I ’ll be able to prove myself. ”

’Something is certainly wrong with this child. ’ I concluded with a sigh.

Well, even oddballs had uses. I just had to make her into the ideal image… and she ’d be more than good enough for the task.

”Anabelle… you can surpass Lewis Griffith, not by putting yourself at more of a disadvantage, but by excelling with all you have. ”

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Anabelle fell silent the moment I said this, her face clouding up.

”Mana is a huge part of you, you can ’t deny that. Just because you aspire to be better than the Great Sage doesn ’t make you an Inept like him. ”

These were words she probably didn ’t hear from anyone else since they allowed her to live her life, but she needed to understand something very pivotal.

”Lewis Griffith was bound by his inability to use or sense mana, that was why his theories and discoveries couldn ’t reach the peak. If you want to do better, be better. You have the power to reach a higher summit… don ’t waste it trying to follow his path and beat him in his own race! ”

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