I had to swallow his words and agree with him. As one who taught so many students back-to-back, it wasn ’t easy for him. I had just seen how he taught, not losing vigor in any of his lectures. Asking him to teach me would only be adding to his workload.

”You proffered an interesting theory, and you ’ve caught my attention, I ’ll admit that much. But, it ’s not enough to motivate me yet. I ’ll need more than that to say yes and become your master. ”

I clenched my teeth. Even after all I had shown, it still wasn ’t enough for an immediate answer. Of course, I had realized this. I just had hope that there could a sliver of a chance where he would accept my request.

”I understand. Well, then, what would be enough? ” My eyes lit up with a new passion, unwilling to be fazed by Neron ’s rejection.

The older man ’s eyes sparkled the moment I said this.

I needed to prove myself as soon as possible. With so many things to do, I couldn ’t delay my apprenticeship. I wanted to at least reach the level of an Advanced Mage before leaving this institute after my three years here. There was no way I could dawdle.

”The Familiar Selection Ceremony… no, let ’s not go with that… ” Neron muttered, half talking to himself.

The ceremony was in a month ’s time. That was bearable. I could delay my plans with Neron for that long.

”How about the Inter-Class Exchange? Yeah, that ’ll work! ”

My eyes bulged the moment he said that. The Exchange was in three months! One month was bearable, but in three months, so much would have happened. It was far too long.

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”B-but, that is- ” I tried protesting.

”Well, that ’s my condition. If you feel you can ’t do it… that ’s fine. ” Neron smiled broadly, most likely happy to see me flustered for the first time in our short exchange.

’Tsk! ’ I nearly clicked my tongue in frustration.

Neron was being unreasonable, well, to me. For other students, this would have been an even deal. But, I needed to get way stronger before the Exchange, which meant I needed his tutelage. Without his guidance, it would be very difficult to achieve the state I wanted before then.

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