The next day, Jade woke up and ran to Arons and Islas room. She knocked on the door and was glad to see Aron there.

Oh hey jade, whats up? He asked and leaned on the door frame.

We need to set a date up for Isla and Victor. Jade demanded.

Finally, Islas has been talking about him for so long Aron said with still no expression.

Same, Victor is non-stop talking about her Jade groaned.

Well why don we set it up right now so they have the whole day, and they won bother us. Aron suggested as Jade nodded in agreement

Where should we plan it? Jade asked.

The rooftops. Aron suggested as they went into the elevator.

Great idea jade laughed.

After a few hours of setting up the place Jade called victor to come to the rooftops early.

Victor was wearing a suit,

When he opened the door, he was star struck , the view, place, setting was perfect.

Wow, this is AMAZING Victor whispered in excitement.

A few moments later they heard the door open again and it was Isla. She wore a red dress which made Victor weak in the knees.

Isla you look.. Victor took a moment to take a breath.

Beautiful he whispered.

Isla smiled.

You don look too bad yourself she said as they both laughed.

Jade smiled and suddenly grabbed Aron and ran inside.

We should let them have their fun Jade said and smiled.

Not too much though Aron joked in his monotone voice which made jade laugh and nudge his elbow.

—back to Isla and Victor—-

Jade and Aron did amazing with the decorations, Victor said as Isla agreed.

Victor? Isla called. Victor suddenly paid all his attention towards Isla.

Im in love with you she said as she saw victors smile get bigger every second.

Isla, I love you and will always love you. Victor said and put his arm around her.

Forever? she asked, putting her pinky up for a promise.

Victor looked at her hand and laughed.

pinky promise he said and intertwined his finger with her as she tilted her head and laughed

Victor smiled,

How did he get so lucky?

She was the perfect girl for him

She made him happy

(if only he knew.)

Isla, I want to live with you forever, Victor said as he laid on the rooftop.

Id love that Is said and smiled

Back to Aron and Jade.

So I think then she found out he had a second family! Jade exclaimed as she told Aron about a book she was reading.

No way he said with no expression and his voice still monotone

Yes way! she exclaimed, drinking the tea from her cup.

Jade, this is the most fun ive had in years Aron admitted.

We should live here instead jade joked.

A few hours later, Jade and Aron were still talking when Aron realized it was almost midnight.

Jade, its almost 12. Should we see what the 2 are doing? He asked as jade nodded

They both go up to the top floor and open the door to the rooftop to see the 2 asleep. Victor had his hands behind his head and Isla was sleeping on his chest.

Jade smiled.

They are so cute, She whispered.

Aron said and then took out his phone to take a photo.

He then sent it to Victor,

Why don we go to bed so we can pack our things early Jade suggested, Aron nodded and they both went back in and went down the elevator.

While they were inside, Aron pulled Jade closer to him.

e such a flirt Jade laughed and pushed him away as she left the elevator and went into her room.

She jumped into her bed feeling the cool bed sheets.

Finally the room to myself she whispered to herself and drifted off to sleep

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