I don know. Her eyes, her hair, her personality, her smile, her laugh Victor gushed as Jade laughed.

He realized he had been talking about her for almost an hour and blushed.

Im sorry he said and rubbed the back of his neck.

e good Victor Jade laughed,

It was almost midnight and Jade couldn sleep, Victor was slowly drifting off as the television played a cooking show.

Jade was bored and was about to fall asleep

Suddenly someone knocked on the door

Jade got out of the bed and opened the door to see Aron

Oh hey Aron Jade said and smiled.

Is Victor asleep? He whispered

Um yeah? Jade answered as she looked back into the room and saw victor sound asleep,

Wanna go on the rooftops? Aron asked

Jade immediately said yes,

Shed do anything just to spend time with Aron. She was falling for him deeply.

Come on now, lets go Aron said as Jade quietly closed her door, and followed Aron.

They both went into the elevator and pressed the top floor.

Aron looked at Jade and slowly held Jades hand, with no expression at all.

Jade bit her lip and looked at Aron.

Suddenly the elevator door opened and they entered a hallway.

Aron, who was still holding Jades hand opened a door to the rooftops,

Jade gasped when she saw the view

There was a blanket, snacks and a radio that was playing calm music.

Come on Aron said and sat on the blanket, so did Jade.

Aron this is beautiful Jade whispered looking at him

Aron shrugged and leaned close to Jades ear

Not as beautiful as you he whispered.

Jade smiled and looked at him.

Why? Jade asked.

Why what? Aron asked.

Why did you do all of this? Jade asked

Aron shrugged.

I wanted to do something nice he said.

Jade laughed.

They ended up talking for hours as they watched the sun rise.

If Im being honest, Aron, everything seems confusing. The mission, my life. Everything. Jade admitted.

Aron nodded.

Same here, Im just afraid that Im going to lose the people I hold close again. Aron said in his monotone voice

Jade looked at him

Again? she asked.

Aron nodded.

When I was younger, my mom loved my sister and I to pieces. She did everything to make sure we knew she loved us, I loved them both dearly. But then Aron took a breath

She was driving my sister to her soccer practice when they got into an accident. he added and went silent.

Jades heart broke hearing the story.

My mom never saw me not smile. But when she and my sister left, I realized nobody could make me as happy as they made me. Aron sighed.

Aron Jade whispered.

Im so sorry, but. Jade took a moment to place her hand on his.

Whatever happens between us, Ill never let you go. she continued.

Thanks jade. Aron said as he looked at the sunrise.

We should get going Aron suggested.

They are going to wonder where we went he added, Jade nodded and got up.

Before she left, Aron grabbed her hand.

Jade. I had fun talking to you, we should do this more often Aron said,

Jade smiled.

I think we should too

Jade went into the elevator and pressed her floor.

She then smiled at the thought of her and Aron on the rooftops.

She walked into her hotel room and jumped when she saw Victor crossing his arms.

Where were you? Victor asked.

With your girlfriend Jade laughed, Victors eyes widened.

Really? What did you guys talk about? Victor asked as Jade laughed.

I was kidding, I was talking with Aron. Jade chuckled as she made her bed.

Poor guy, hes been going through a lot. she said in a sad tone.

I hope hes alright Victor sighed.

So, I think you and Isla should go on a date Jade said out of the blue. Victor looked surprised.

Wait really? he asked as Jade nodded.

I can prepare your date, plus Aron can help jade answered as she finished making the bed.

Thank you Jade! Victor exclaimed and hugged her.

Anytime Victor Jade said and laughed

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