Jade was in the kitchen cleaning when she remembered what Aron said.

If we find the robot on loose then Ill smile for you.

She laughed to herself.

Whats so funny? Isla asked, walking into the room.

Nothing jade said and stopped laughing.

Coms on jade. Tell me Isla whined as she sat on a chair.

Jade sighed but then she started telling Isla what happened in the dining room.

Isla laughed.

Thats crazy. But I have good news Isla


Whats the good news? Jade asked.

Victor agreed on going out of town! Isla squealed as she jumped out of her seat.

Jades serious face suddenly was plastered with a smile.

Really?! She asked not to be able to believe it.

As soon Isla nodded, Jade cheered.

When are we leaving? Jade asked with a huge smile on her face.

Isla smiled


Jade stood there shocked.

e kidding. Right? Jade groaned and put her head in her hands.

Come on jade we need to start packing Isla whined pulling jades arm

Fine jade laughed and walked to her room to get packing

After the 4 scientists were done packing they all made their way to the living room.

Jade was busy making sure everything was alright before they left, as she did this she couldn but look at Aron. She smiled to herself.

Alright lets go before victor changes his mind

Isla jokes, making Jade and Victor laugh as they leave the house together.

So Aron- before Isla could say anything, Aron just left

They all jumped into the car. Victor in the drivers seat. Isla in the passenger seat and Aron and jade in the back

Isla purposely took the passenger seat just to put Aron beside jade.

Alright then. Everyone got everything because we aren coming back for the next week Victor asked looking at the back.

The 3 shook their heads as Victor turned the car on

Now please, lets try to make it out of town without any arguments in the car Victor pleaded

Unfortunately, his pleas didn work.

They were halfway there when Isla commented on Aron not showing any emotion and joking around that he may be a robot. Aron did not take that lightly.

He argued with Isla with a straight face and his voice not changing at all.

Just leave me alone Aron! Okay? I didn know my opinion mattered to you that much! Isla yelled, resting her hands on her head.

Of course your opinion mattered. You
e accusing me of being the robot everyone is trying to look for Aron said and folded his arms.

BOTH OF YOU STOP Victor yelled and slammed his foot on the break. Everyone went silent.

You both need to stop. Thats final. Victor sighed and started the car again.

The whole car ride was silent,

Isla glared at victor once a while,

What do you want? Victor asked annoyed whenever Isla stared at him.

Are you on Arons side or mine. she asked, crossing her arms.

Im on none of your sides Victor said still staring at the road

All I asked for was some peace, but nope. You guys wouldn let that happen, would you? Victor snapped and glared at both Isla and Aron.

Everyone was silent, they knew victor was mad and he wanted some quiet time.

A few minutes later Isla finally spoke up.

Im sorry Aron, Isla mumbled.

I guess im sorry too Aron said with no expression

Thank you Victor whispered to Isla and smiled,

Isla smiled back at him.

So Isla tell me about your hobbies Victor said rubbing the back of his neck as Isla started talking,

Aron sighed and turned to see what jade was doing. She was staring at the window with one earphone on listening to music

Aron took the other and put it in his ear as he listened to the music.

Jade turned around to see Arons face right there. With and inch gap between them

Her stomach did flips as she realized how close Aron was.

They listened to each others music until Aron realized Jade was tired.

She yawned and put her arm on the arm rest,

Aron lightly patted Jades shoulder getting her attention and then patted his shoulder, signaling her to rest her head on his shoulder, Jade first rejected the offer but then caved in and leaned her head on his shoulder as she drifted off to sleep.

Good night Jade Aron mumbled and went back to listening to Victors and Islas conversation

–a few hours later–

After a few hours, jade woke up and they arrived at the hotel they were going to stay at for a few days

Finally! Isla squealed, getting out of the car and running into the hotel.

Someones excited Jade laughed as she grabbed hers and Islas luggage.

Who are we sharing rooms with? Aron asked.

Easy, Ill share a room with Jade and you and Isla can share one! Victor smiled and walked into the hotel, Jade didn mind sharing a room with Victor, However. She did want to share rooms with Aron.

They all went into the hotel and grabbed their hotel cards,

Well see you guys later Victor said and opened the door to their room, so did Isla and Aron.

Jade pushed the bags aside and fell on the bed.

Wow she sighed as Victor laughed.

I think we all deserve a break if Im going to be honest Victor said and sat on the other bed.

I agree. Jade said and smiled

I wonder how the robot on loose is going Victor sighed and rubbed his forehead.

Hey Victor calm down, we are on vacation. Jade joked as she tried to lighten up the mood

Victor smiled, you
e right jade,

It was silent for a few moments until Victor spoke up

Hey Jade, can I tell you something? Its a secret. Victor asked and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at his feet

Victor, you can tell me anything, Jade said and smiled.

Well uhm, I think Victor stuttered

He then sighed.

I think I like Isla.

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