The lab results came back Victor said walking out of the lab and into the meeting room where the rest were.

Jade jumped out of her seat.

Well? What does it say? She asked.

Victor took a deep breath and slowly opened the envelope. He took the paper out and placed it on the machine. The machine processed the information and transferred it to the large screen which read in bold words Results have been approved

Isla cheered as she jumped out of her seat and wrapped Aron in a hug.

Aron didn give any reaction. He never did. He was always serious and his friends never saw him with a different reaction.

Well done everyone. Lab results were approved, Jade said, smiling as she looked at the screen.

Yes, we did it. Victor said, crossing his arms.

Wait do you guys see that? Isla said looking at the screen.

A red flash card and the words
ew mission came up.

Victor grabbed the remote and opened the mission. It was from the mayor

Hello Scientists of San Diego, recently we discovered that a robot is in our city dressed as the citizens here. We need you guys to help and find the imposter. We are counting on you.

Oh my goodness. Isla said, reading the screen.

How are we going to do this? aron asked in his monotone voice.

I don know.. but we need to help Victor said as he turned off the machine

It was silent. Everyone was wondering what they could do.

Why don we take a break for now? Isla said and left the room with Victor behind her.

Jade walked to the door when she tripped on something and was about to fall. She closed her eyes knowing there was nothing to do.

When she was about to hit the ground, a strong arm caught her. She slowly opened her eyes to see Aron.

Aron she whispered, her heart racing.

Are you okay Jade? He asked, his voice not changing even a bit.

Uh- yeah Im fine jade said and quickly got up when she realized she was in his arms.

Aron shrugged and left the room leaving jade to process what happened.

She never felt this way. She has worked with Aron and the others for so long, and not once has she felt this way. This confused her.

Even love can confuse the smartest

Jade left the room and shrugged it off

She walked into the kitchen to make a snack when Isla followed her.

So you and Aron? She asked as Jade opened the fridge and grabbed apple juice.

What about us? Jade asked and poured herself a glass.

Come on don hide. I saw what happened in the meeting room. Do you like him? Isla whispered and sat on the counter

Jade sighed.

I-i don know she stammered.

I mean, I never felt that before. It was a new feeling, a weird one. She added

Isla nodded.

Its just all so confusing, Jade groaned, putting her head in her hands.

Whats so confusing? Victor asked as he entered the room with Aron.

Jade didn know what to say.

Shes worried about the mission. Isla said looking at jade who gave her an expression of relief.

Aron nodded and took a sip of Jades apple juice

We can do it you guys don worry Victor said with hope and faith. Isla agreed.

I agree with Victor, we will make it. But it will take a while he said and placed a hand on her shoulder . Jade looked up to see Isla smirking at her.

Do you guys want to go out? Im pretty hungry, Victor asked.

Isla suggested a restaurant near them. They all agreed and left the building.

Why don we walk there? I mean its pretty close Isla suggested. Aron agreed and everyone knew, if Aron agrees they all agree.

They were all talking when Isla suddenly had an idea.

Hey jade, catch me if you can isla laughed and ran,

Wait up Isla! Jade laughed and ran to her. Victor laughed and walked with Aron.

As Jade and Isla were talking Jade accidentally twisted her ankle, she suddenly stopped and sat down on a bench close to them with Islas help.

Isla wouldn let jade get up for a few minutes.

Jade are you okay Isla asked with a worried expression,

Isla Im okay I promise, lets go now jade convinced her,

Aron and Victor would be coming any minute and she didn want them to see her like this.

Eventually, the 2 made it to the restaurant. They both took a seat and waited for the boys, it didn take long for them to arrive.

Victor! Aron! Over here Isla exclaimed, They both turn around and walk over to the table.

The restaurant they were at had a radio with the news on.

I will be right back, Aron said and went to the bathroom.

The rest started talking when they heard the radio,

Today I am going to ask the people Im in San Diego about the robot on the loose!

The news reporter said and started asking people questions,

I don know who to trust, I mean it can be anyone! Your friends, family, colleagues. Anyone! The old lady cried on the radio

The 3 scientists stared at each other.

Im guessing we
e all thinking the same person? Victor said.

What if its him though. Jade whispered.

Aron? Isla asked, the 2 scientists nodded.

I don know what we would do. Victor said, putting his hand through his hair.

Im sure it isn him, you guys. Isla said.

Hopeful you
e right. Jade said and sighed.

Lets change the topic, shall we? Victor suggested.

————-few minutes later—————-

You two are something else jade laughed shaking her head.

Aron walked out of the bathroom and sat beside Victor.

What did I miss? He asked, his voice still monotone.

Victor is committing a crime! Isla said as Jade laughed.

How is he committing a crime? Aron asked still looking serious

I said pineapple belongs on pizza Victor laughed, clutching his stomach.

Aron shook his head as the 3 laughed.

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