The pain slowly subsided as I felt something bright in my heart which made my body feel light. It felt like that blue energy which was pushing me down was slowly being sucked into my body making the burden of the energy lessen.

My legs stopped shaking as I stood up straight a few seconds later the energy stopped coming as the blue energy in the area dispersed as the core was turned off. Speaking of the core, what even is that thing? Ive never seen or heard of anything like that. Around four hundred people seemed to have fallen unconscious and many others were barely holding on.

I checked my core which seemed to have grown slightly to the increase in energy it had absorbed. I zoned out of focusing on that and looked around me again. It seemed like one of the guardians walked up to the podium.

”Congratulations on passing the first test. You all are now warriors of the cult. You will be given one month until the next test so be ready. Details about the test will be given out to your personal dorm rooms shortly. ”

At this point everyone who had passed out was dragged out of the area and thrown outside. The rest of the people stood up and listened attentively to the guardian in both fear and awe.

”Glory to the cult! ” He yelled.

Everyone repeated before teachers guided everyone to the dorm rooms. Once I sat down in my own dorm room I laid down shaking in excitement. I took another look at my dantian. when I first looked at my dantian, it seemed to just be a bright light but when given a closer look it seemed more like a storage container filled with blue mist I tried to make the mist move. The mist moved around my body with ease but it drained incredibly fast almost emptying instantly. I fell back onto the bed shaking and gasping. i opened up the shop hoping to find some way to help fix this problem. I looked at my points in excitement.

[Points: 13374]

Looking through the shop I didnt find anything I could buy that would be useful to me. I fell back onto the bed ”what am I supposed to do ” I said to myself exasperated. The system suddenly responded.

[recommending user to but the rain processing speed]

A new screen popped up.

[brain processing speed.

Increases the speed the brain can think and react to things

current speed: 1]

[Cost:1000 points]

I immediately bought it but my head suddenly got incredibly painful as I grabbed the sides of my head. When the pain subsided I immediately noticed the difference.

I looked at the shop again and smiled to myself. I immediately got two more processing speed upgrades. My brain felt like it was being put in a microwave and then tossed in acid as I felt it remolding to fit the upgrades. When I opened my eyes again I felt… good? It felt like I could analyze my entire room at once without even needing to focus. It seemed like each processing speed added my original speed on top of that so now I would be thinking four times as fast.

Little movements and actions were processed in my brain at every moment and I looked at my dantian again. Unlike before where I could only focus on moving parts of the energy at a Time I could suddenly move all the energy to different places and focus on more than one thing at once. I went back to focusing on the main issue which was both giving myself more internal energy and learning martial arts.

The only place to find martial arts books is the library but there are many ways to gain internal energy such as medicine or just straight up absorbing it from the surrounding area.

I sat in the lotus position on my bed which I had seen the others do during the test and felt around the air. I immediately felt a thin stream of blue mist in the air.

I tried moving it but it wouldn budge. My body strained as I tried to move the mist around but it just wouldn budge. I then felt the blue mist hitting my skin. It was a strange feeling as if you just walked through a cloud minus the water. I tried to move the bits touching my skin and sucked them in. It was incredibly slow but it worked. I pulled the energy into my skin as it got sucked into my body and my core.

I probably stayed in that position all night as when I finished I opened my eyes and it was the morning. For some reason it was like my body was in a trance after a few minutes of starting. I closed my fist. My eyes widened as I looked at my core. The size of the core was a little bigger and the purity of the energy inside had gone up almost twice as much. The almost clear blue mist had turned into a light blue mist which completely filled up. I stood up dizzily. I got up and went outside. It seemed like many of the other recruits had woken up as well as many of them were walking around outside. there was a group of students in a line in front of a big building on one side of the area. It was the library.

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