I woke up in a medium sized bed which was much too big for me. Confusion hit me as I looked around my eyes still adjusting. Suddenly footsteps sounding in the other room as I ducked down pretending to sleep.

The man walked into the room with a cold rag and walked up to me. He set the rag down on my forehead and all the tension in my body released as I relaxed into the bed. I opened my eyes and looked at the man. He seemed to be middle aged with a medium sized beard reaching almost his neck. I sat up when I realized he didnt mean any harm and he looked me in the eyes. ”Such intelligent eyes for a child ” he practically muttered to himself. I looked at him with fear. Did he find out?

he put his hand on my chest in a palm and looked incredibly focused. Suddenly energy filled my body. Is this internal energy? the man opened his eyes wide and pulled his hand back in shock with a bewildered expression. ”Who is this kid? ” He looked at his shaking hand. He only put in a little bit of energy to search his body after healing him but the energy practically got sucked out of his hand! Does this kid have the body of a reincarnated war god? He thought to himself in shock. He poked a point on the side of my head and I passed out immediately. ”I have to inform the other elders of this child ”

Its been around thirteen years since then as my body is fifteen years old since I was born in a two year olds body. My true age is thirteen though. After that day when me and gramps first met, I started living with him. in the beginning it was strange because I would always get peculiar glares from the other townsfolk as if they knew something I didnt but after a few months it died down. My hair had grown out a fair bit covering my horns so they were kept hidden and it had turned a deep shade of black. My eyes turned a bright red. my guess is that these unorthodox colors had come from the fact im some kind of demon.

The hardest thing to hide though is the peculiar shape of my pupils. Almost like a snake. My first thought of what to do since I started living there was find a library or some books but I quickly learned that most books were kept incredibly secretive from the commons people. The only way to get access to any form of book would to join the archaic academy. The only difference other than the look of me would most likely be the fact I was one of the only ones in the town that hadn learned any martial arts or had any internal energy.

It seemed like I was being singled out for some reason. Even worse, whenever I asked gramps about it he would change the subject into something else. though I had made a few friends, none of them really I could call a est friend or something similar. Most of the reason would be since I got here I did harsh exercises which pushed my body to the limit. Of course since I was hitting puberty, the growth of my muscles was impressive to say the least. I had a lean build which was strong enough to barely keep up with a third rate warrior which was impressive since I hadn even started cultivating yet. I checked my status as I leaned against the house.

[Name: Aidan (???)]

[body type: Ascended martial body]

[Cultivation level: None]

[Points: 3384]

I looked at my points in excitement. I had been saving up first of all because most of the things in the shop were incredibly expensive and second of all I had a strange worry about me starting cultivation. For some reason nobody taught me it and people had shown hostility when I asked about it almost like I wasn allowed too.

new recruits enter Archaic academy at fifteen years old which is what is used to create strong warriors in the cult. And luckily for me, my fifteenth birthday is coming in exactly a week from now which is also when the new year of the academy is starting. My hands were shaking from excitement. Suddenly gramps came from behind the house and tapped me on the shoulder.

”What are you so excited about young one? ” He asked somberly.

I looked at him practically vibrating

”obviously its because im entering the academy soon! ”. He grabbed my shoulder

”there is something I think I need to tell you. Come inside please. ” He said.

I followed him inside confused. ”Please dont enter the academy ” he suddenly said getting on his knees.

”Its too dangerous for you.. especially with the agreement ” he started to mutter at the end luckily I caught it.

”What agreement are you talking about? ” I asked confused.

”When you first came to our village I took you in and cured you of the poison that you ate, the poison tree. I had checked to see if there was any more in your body and when I did I noticed your physique was perfect to train martial arts in and your talent was above any of the princes so when I reported this- ”

”you reported that?! ” I said starting to get angry.

Was he the reason I wasn able to learn martial arts? The reason I was so hated in the village? The reason I was ostracized? ”The agreement was…

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