Rising to perfection

The start of it all

Darkness. I couldn see anything. The only thing visible was the very slight light outside of the egg. Egg? Am I inside of an egg? I tried yelling out but the liquid around me only started to suffocate me. I jolted upwards trying to break out of my predicament as I punched a crack in the shell. Why is this damn egg so hard? I punched it again making the crack grow by about an inch or so. My consciousness slowly started to fade as I slammed my head onto the crack which made my head go through. I coughed up the liquid and looked around as the light outside blinded my undeveloped eyes. Blindly I tried crawling out of the hole I had made and fell onto the sand. Sand? It seemed like I was on some kind of beach. as soon as I sat down a strange voice fell into my head.

[Congratulations! You have been transmigrated for the first time! You have gained 1,002,483,943,049 points for your achievement!]

[Error. Points system has not been unlocked. Transferring points into talent storage]

Suddenly a horrible pain came across my body. I fell onto my back shaking and crying but with no tears. It felt like every muscle in my body was being torn open and regenerated. It felt like every part of me was being moved around. My lungs stretched out and my organs moved to another place. Pain came across my body like waves as my mouth gurgled and blood came out of my ears. slowly the pain resided and my body relaxed before the voice came once more.

[ERROR. Body has reached its maximum potential at its current stage. 60,029 points remaining. Transferring points into new mission]

[points remaining: 0]

I flopped onto the ground once again painting and groaning. My whole body was sore. My eyes had slightly gotten used to the surrounding light but only slightly. I dragged myself along the ground painting and shuffling my legs desperately to get to the patch of shade a little bit away. Once I sat down once again I instantly passed out.

when I woke up again it wasn day time anymore which made it easier to see. The soreness that ravaged my body before I had fallen asleep had almost completely disappeared.


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