The ballroom was now empty as everyone already left and the king and queen retreated to their room.

Rita tucked the little prince under the mattress. After doing that, she sat down with Brenda, the kings mother. ”I am very proud of the way you handle matters ” Brenda said.

Rita was happy at the commendation but also a little bit confused as to why she said this. Brenda noticed this and proceeded to explain, ”I heard all that General Livius was saying to you two and the way you calmed Richard down was very impressive ”

Rita smiled at this and said, ”Thank you mother but, you do know that Richard won be very happy with the fact that you were eavesdropping ”. Brenda frowned and quickly defended herself, ”I wasn eavesdropping. I just happen to hear what you were saying ” ”Of course ” Rita agreed but the tone she used suggests otherwise.

Brenda moved closer to Rita as she talked in a low tone, ”Do you think it is right throwing parties while the kingdom is about to be in a crisis? ” ”But that has been the tradition ever since he has been born ”

”I know, I know but don you just think that its too much? I mean he probably won remember any of this when he grows up ” She tried to reason with her. Rita was getting angry at all the things Brenda was saying but tried her best to not show it, ”I really don know why you
e saying all this, these things are normal things as a royal family ”

”But… ” Brenda tried once again to reason with her but she cut her sentence short, ”Its getting late mother and Im very sure Richard is waiting for me to return and moreover you should get some sleep, it may start to affect your health if you don ”

Anyone hearing what she said would assume that she is being nice and caring towards her mother-in-laws health but Brenda who has known her for years clearly understands her well disguised statement which simply means, its like you
e going mental already, better sleep instead of poking your nose into matters that doesn concern you, old hag

”But then what will you do about King Fithon? ” Brenda asked. ”Mother, go to sleep ” Rita-fake- smiled. Brenda then decided to sleep.

”Good night mother ” Rita added and left even before she replied. Brenda got ready to sleep but just could not help being worried because of the incoming war.

Richard was having a little trouble taking off his robe and just at that moment, Rita came in looking angry.

He, oblivious of her anger, asked her to help take off his robe, ”Rita, can you take off this robe for me ”

Rita glared at him angrily before walking to her dressing table to remove her makeup. ”Why are you angry? ” Richard asked as he still tries to take his stubborn robe off. ”Well, its your mother ” She answered keeping her focus on the mirror in front of her.

e always having issues with my mother. Tell me, what is the problem now? ” ”Can you believe her saying were not suppose to throw a party for Golver. Imagine that ” She said to him.

”Why would she say that? ” He asked her finally being able to remove his robe.

”Because of the crisis the kingdom will soon be in ” She said removing her makeup. ”You mean the one that General Livius told us? ” He asked in which Rita nodded in agreement.

”How? ” He was surprised that his mother knew about it. ”She eavesdropped ” Rita said rather accusingly.

Richard sighed and then said, ”Maybe shes right

”What! ” Rita turned to face him. ”What do you mean by shes right? ” She asked surprised at his response.

”Maybe we shouldn be throwing parties at this time but should be getting the soldiers ready for war ” He sat down on the edge of the bed.

”It has been a tradition ever since he has been born to start throwing parties days before his birthday and now you want us to skip it just because of a stupid threat from an irrelevant king! ” Rita yelled already standing in front him. Richard stood up calmly, ”King Fithon is not an irrelevant king. We both know how strong his army is and moreover its just a year of skipping your so-called tradition ” He explained to her.

”My so-called tradition? This is important to me. It should be important to you too. He will soon grow up and probably be busy with his princely duties and would not even have time for us anymore ” She said so emotionally. ”Its just one year, Rita. We can continue after this problem ” Richard tried to appease her.

Rita was not in any way pleased. If anything she grew more annoyed. ”The only reason you think its not right is because your mother said so. You always agree to whatever your mother says, its as if you don have a mind of your own. ” ” Do not forget the fact that I am the king. ”

Richard was also getting angry but Rita was not relenting either. ”And the only reason you are king is because of me. Never forget that. You are in that position because I was able to come up with a plan to get rid of that stupid and ugly bitch. ” ”Do not talk about her in that manner. ” Richard roared.

”Don shout at me. Why are you shouting at me? Do you like her? Oh, you
e in love with her now? Well, unfortunately for you shes dead. Gone. And do you remember who killed her? We did. You and I. We murdered her. We even killed her child. So there is nothing to love about her because she is dead, so dead. She is… ”

”Shut your mouth up. Just shut the f*ck up, okay. ” He shouted angrily. ”I need you to get out of here now. ” His chest heaving up and down. ”What? ” Rita was shocked. ”I just want you to leave till I calm down. ”

Rita looked at him angrily and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her. Richard sat down on the bed and ran his hand through his hair.

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