Revenge Of The Strongest Mage

Betrayed by the people I love...

The clanking sounds of the chains echoed in the silent hall. Adrian stood there in the middle, his hands and feet bound, but his face held no emotion.

At least not anymore.

He had fought for this kingdom so many times that even he had lost count. He had faced the most powerful beasts, countless armies, and even individuals who could level this whole city with a thought. And yet, the king he had served, the kingdom he had put his life on the line for, would treat him this way.

In front of him sat the King of Teridomm, and the five elders. Behind him were as many citizens of Teridomm as the seating space could contain.

The looks on their faces showed how much they relished this moment. They could not wait to see him executed.

The reason why? Because they feared his power.

Despite the fact that years ago when this issue was brought to his notice, about how the people feared his strength, he had chosen to take a sacred oath that would reap his life the moment he tried to harm the people he was supposed to protect, it was still not enough.

”You disappoint me, Adrian. I never would have thought that you of all people would let your power go to your head, ” the king said with irritation evident in his voice.

”Like I told you when you confronted me, your highness, I am not responsible, ” Adrian responded calmly.

”YOU STILL DARE LIE TO MY FACE?! ” the king erupted in anger.

”I speak nothing but the truth, ” Adrian said.

”The truth? Did you say you speak the truth? Then please explain how the village and its occupants were still being burnt in blue flames when I got there, or do my eyes deceive me? ” The king asked.

”Your eyes tell you what they see, but those flames were not mine my king, ” Adrian answered.

”Your lies will do you no good, you are the only mage who uses that advanced form of the fire element. You get on my nerves as you fail to own your wrongdoings, ” the king frowned.

”My king, I have fought for you, I would die for you, ” Adrian said in a serious tone and the king scoffed.

”And yet, you so easily believe that I who was named Teridomms grand protector and is currently under oath, would harm my own people? Its impossible. I would be dead if I did. ”

e powerful enough to break that oath, ” the king commented, ”don use it to try to vindicate yourself. ”

”But I didn my lord, ” Adrian informed.

”I wouldn expect you to say anything else, ” the king shrugged.

Adrian understood now that there was no way to vindicate himself. The king already believed what he wanted to believe.

He moved his gaze across the five elders and although they tried to hide it, he could already tell that this was their doing.

These old men had always been jealous and afraid of him, but he would never have believed that they would frame him in such a way.

The peoples fear, he could understand. They only know him as a murderer on the

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