done something wrong, but he didn’t care about such trivial matters.
He picked up Shen Liu Mu without looking at that pair of mother and son and directly said to Zhang Kaiyi, “That’s settled, l will leave directly this afternoon.
Now we don’t know what is the current situation outside.
I will go out first before making a decision.”


  Zhang Kaiyi nodded solemnly, “Okay!”


 ”What about us?” Someone couldn’t hold back, the relatively younger of the two middle-aged men in suits asked eagerly.


  Zhang Kaiyi glanced at him, “If you are willing to go with us, take the sticks and go together,” he easily broke off over 20 wooden sticks from those stools, “there are all zombies outside.
No one can guarantee that we can get out of this amusement park alive!” 


Almost everyone in the room turned pale, go out? There were zombies roaming everywhere outside.
They would definitely gather here when they smell the scent of the living!


“It’s okay if you don’t want to leave.
The food here is only enough for three days.
Of course, if some people leave, you may be able to last a little longer.
If you don’t want to leave, just stay here and wait for the rescue.
But phone signals and electricity are also cut off.
I don’t know when this rescue will arrive.” Zhang Kaiyi continued.



  Shen Chi leaned against the wall with a smile, watching Zhang Kai speak.
Everyone’s eyes were concentrated on him, whether hope or resentment, it was all his.
Standing in the darkness holding Shen Liu Mu, Shen Chi was leisurely.


  ”Dad, I’m hungry.” Shen Liu Mu said in his ear.


  Shen Chi’s eyes flashed, and he said meaningfully, “Don’t worry, Liu Mu, we’ll have a good meal soon!”


  It was near noon, Zhang Kaiyi, and those people should also have dinner.
Now that they have decided to leave in the afternoon, Zhang Kaiyi, as the leader here, must have the absolute say, so he certainly won’t save this meal.
Anyway, he won’t be counting on this food to stay alive, will he?


As expected, the lunch was sumptuous, and the cook made a table of dishes himself.
It may seem a bit shabby in peacetime, but in the apocalypse, such fragrant four dishes and soup with rice was enough to make everyone salivate.


  On the table sat only Zhang Kaiyi, Shen Chi, Shen Liu Mu and a young man who had been following Zhang Kaiyi.
Even brother Li couldn’t come to the table.
The cook himself held a bowl of rice and ate it nearby.
Other people could only watch them while drooling.


   “Eat more,” Shen Chi gave Shen Liu Mu some vegetables.
Shen Liu Mu took a big mouthful of rice with his mouth full of oil.


  Zhang Kai said with a smile, “Little brother sure can eat a lot.”


  ”Growing body.” Shen Chi laughed, turning a blind eye to the gazes that were staring this way.


  However, the young man beside Zhang Kai felt a little embarrassed when listening to the sounds of swallowing saliva.


  Shen Chi was very calm.
He slowly ate the food bite by bite.
It was nothing.
Now, these people still have a bit of shame and want to save face, at most they would just stare at them like this.
They couldn’t bear to cry and beg.
They were even more afraid of Zhang Kaiyi’s strength and did not dare to act.
After some days, people would become worse than dogs for a little bit of food. 


  This was the end of the world.


  Sitting beside his mother, Cao Ninghao smelled the tantalizing aroma.
His stomach rumbled with hunger, and he was looking straight at them.


  But suddenly, Shen Liu Mu, who was sitting on the table, raised his head and just happened to meet his gaze.


Cao Ninghao trembled fiercely and hurriedly lowered his head, never daring to look there again.


 ”…… If you dare to look at my dad again, I’ll dig them ……”


  That terrible voice seemed to be still in his ears.
He covered his eyes and shrank into a ball.


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