”Wait a minute!” Shen Chi has already begun to consider leaving this amusement park.
Although there were many zombies here, and it was a good place to hunt, but there was no edible prey at all.
Fortunately, there were many places to sell food in this amusement park.
The weather was very cold.
Most of the food was not bad, and can still be imported – most of it was just fast food, the nutrition was still not enough.
Shen Chi began to consider whether to go to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park once.
Although there were likely to be evolved beasts, it was not that dangerous for Shen Chi.


  ”Dad, look over there!” Shen Liu Mu suddenly spoke.


  Shen Chi, who bent down to put all the drinks in the beverage machine into a canvas bag, looked up.
In front of him was a restaurant in the amusement park, which could be said to be the best and most expensive one in the entire amusement park.
Now the transparent floor to ceiling window has been broken, with a decadent atmosphere. 


  Shen Chi’s heart moved.
This restaurant may have some delicious things!


  ”Dad, I just saw a shadow!”


  Shen Chi frowned, “Shadow?”


  ”Yes!” Shen Liu Mu affirmed, “I can’t be wrong, it must be a person running past.
It seems to be a small child!”


  Shen Chi listened to Shen Liu Mu’s old-fashioned tone and couldn’t help but say with a smirk, “Don’t forget you’re a child yourself!”


  Shen Liu Mu curled his mouth in disdain, puffed up his chest and said, “I can already kill zombies!”


  Shen Chi knocked his head, “Even if you can kill the zombies, you are still a child!”


  After saying that, he picked up Shen Liu Mu and walked towards the restaurant.


  There were several zombies wandering in the restaurant’s lobby, which were easily resolved by Shen Chi.
When they went upstairs, they saw a few zombie corpses on the stairs.


  ”There really are survivors here.” Shen Chi said softly. 


  Shen Liu Mu tightly hugged his neck, “Dad, is there someone else here?”


  ”Yeah.” Shen Chi regretted in his heart.
Even if there was food in this restaurant, it would have already been occupied by these survivors.
However, he didn’t know whether they were lucky or have foresight.
In such a time of disaster, hiding in a place where there is food is undoubtedly a smart choice.


  ”Ah!” A loud scream broke the silence.
Shen Chi looked up and saw a young girl in school uniform staring at him with wide eyes.


  She looked no more than seventeen years old.
Her face was still a little immature but bright and beautiful, her long straight hair tied in a mess behind her head.
Her school uniform has long been messy.
There were a few cuts in her skirt and could barely cover her underwear.


Shen Chi was not surprised.
In the apocalypse, most of the little girls like her didn’t come to a good end.
Not to mention women, good-looking men who do not have a certain amount of self-preservation, can only depend on others to survive.
Their greatest value lies in their beautiful faces and bodies.



  Humans are such creatures.
The more they are under bad circumstances, the easier it is to return to their beast-like instincts.


  Lin Xiaoyun looked at the young man in front of her, almost unable to hide her shock.
At such a time, he came from outside, actually walking calmly, without the slightest look of panic on his face, wearing leather clothes, pants and boots, with leather gloves on his hands.
Even apart from such terrible times, Lin Xiaoyun had never seen a more handsome and better-looking man than him.
He was holding a very beautiful little boy, with a clean and fair little face, different from those dirty and crying children in this room.
It’s a very precocious aura.
If more than a week ago, she saw such a large and a small one, she would probably scream immediately, and then look for an opportunity to see if she could take a candid photo to upload to Weibo to show off.
But now, she just feels ashamed. 


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