firmed that the boy was Liu Mu.


Because the slight sneer on the corner of his lips was exactly the same as when he grew up.


Although he was only a seven-year-old kid at that time, but if he was as naïve and ignorant as other children, how could he have survived the end of the world alone?


Aunt Li saw Liu Mu standing still and pulled him, “Liu Mu, don’t talk yet, this is your father!” while pointing at Shen Chi.
Her tone was a little fierce.
She was afraid that Shen Chi would change his mind and would not want Liu Mu.
Then, their orphanage would still have to provide a meal for him.


Shen Chi saw Liu Mu looking up and staring at himself.
His dark eyes were now extremely bright, but he still did not speak.


“Ah-Mu, right?” Shen Chi tried to make his smile look friendly, but even he, himself, felt that his expression at that time was probably very odd.


Liu Mu still did not speak, so Aunt Li explained somewhat awkwardly, “This child, from childhood, does not like to talk ……” and gloomy, looking a little oozing.

As she said this, Liu Mu suddenly smiled; this smile could be described as very “innocent and cute, pure and lovely”, and obediently called “Dad.”


Shen Chi felt a little itch in his throat, cleared his throat and said, “Can you leave me alone with him for a while?”


Aunt Li nodded and hurriedly said, “Of course, you can talk to him, this child is a very good and obedient child in essence, except that he does not like to talk!” She tried hard to sell Liu Mu out.
In a flash, she forgot that she had previously said the boy had a bad temper.


“I mean, can I take him out for a walk?” Shen Chi said, “Don’t worry, I will send him back before noon, even if I want to adopt him back, I always have to come back to do the formalities……”


Aunt Li frowned and hesitantly said, “This ……”

Shen Chi remained silent and stuffed all dozen or so red banknotes from the market and the small clothing store into Aunt Li’s hands.


Aunt Li looked around sneakily, quickly put all the money into her pocket, and firmly said, “Go ahead! Just send him back before five o’clock this afternoon, I will help you talk to the director!”


Shen Chi smiled and successfully held Liu Mu’s hand as he walked out.


“Ah, wait a minute.” Shen Chi’s footsteps stopped, Liu Mu’s grip on his hand suddenly tightened.


Shen Chi suddenly felt some heartache and sighed.
He just pulled out a down jacket from the backpack and put it on the thin Liu Mu.
Obviously, Shen Chi took the smallest set of clothes, but because he was too thin, he wore it all empty.


“Don’t be afraid, I won’t leave you.” Shen Chi looked into Liu Mu’s eyes and seriously said, “From today on, I will never leave you.”


Liu Mu fixedly looked at him for a long time before speaking, “Really?” with his tender voice.


Looking at the doubt in his eyes, Shen Chi nodded, “From today on, you will be called Shen Liu Mu, my son, Shen Liu Mu.”


In his previous life, the only one who did not abandon him was the person in front of him, so in this life, he would not abandon him, no matter what, he would protect him well, except for the one in front of him, Shen Chi can no longer trust anyone.
This person was the only one who had tried his best to save himself for his sake.
In this life, he was willing to rely on him for life.


The same day, Shen Chi took Shen Liu Mu on a direct flight to Shanghai.
Almost unknowingly, Shen Chi stole the boarding pass from a pair of father and son around him.


Shen Liu Mu widened his eyes.
After seeing that Shen Chi stole the boarding pass, how elegantly and calmly he led his hand to the plane, while that father inexplicably touched all the pockets of his body.
He only thought that he had lost the boarding pass and went back to look for it.
At that time, Shen Chi had already boarded the plane with Shen Liu Mu. 


As long as you stayed in the apocalypse for a few years, there was no sense of guilt in doing this kind of thing.
In fact, Shen Chi also felt relieved that in the waiting room there was only this pair of father and son.
Since their tickets were to Shanghai, he had no choice but to go there.
He just knew that it was better to be further away from Beijing at times like this. 

” ”


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