g some distance away from them, had no time to do anything.
He only heard a desperate scream, and they were already submerged in the water.


Shen Chi’s face sank, but the red woman smiled proudly.
“How was it handsome? I am so powerful that even in the apocalypse, I can ensure that you eat and drink hot ah!”


With a scream, there was a withered vine whip around her neck.
What shocked everyone was that the end of the whip was held in the hand of a little boy who looked only seven or eight years old.
The whip, which was obviously not long, suddenly grew to such a length in his hand.
It was unbelievable!


“Don’t move!” The little boy’s face was full of hostility.
“If you move, I’ll cut off her neck!”

The guitar man’s voice was sharp, “don’t joke, with your strength, how can.” his voice suddenly stopped, because the red woman’s neck had begun to shed bright red blood.
She couldn’t spit out a word because of fear.


Obviously, there was a seven or eight meters distance between their group and the other side.
How did this whip reach her neck instantly? She couldn’t understand!


And at that moment, in their shocked eyes, they saw the little girl put the puppet in her hand on the ground, “go ba.”


The puppet made a creepy sound of ka ka ka, then tilted his head and went forward step by step.
These young people, who a moment ago were fearlessly killing people and having a party, take a few steps back in unison.


They just realized that this puppet seems to have a pair of very strange eyes, the dark eyes seem to be like human beings!


“Ah, it hurts!” The hoarse voice was full of extreme pain.
The left eye of the woman who was just arrogant and proud of herself turned into a bloody hole, an eyeball gurgled and rolled down on the trestle.


The fair and delicate young hand picked up that eyeball and took a white handkerchief to wipe it clean.
“Not bad, I’ve always wanted to make a new doll, let’s use her eyes, ba.”


The puppet lying on the woman’s shoulder moved its wooden fingers and slowly brought its hand to her other eye.


She was so scared she almost fainted!


“Urgent as the law, edict!” Ming Yue leapt up, and the talisman paper in his hand stalled in mid-air.
The youths who were trying to escape were actually fixed in one place.
He sighed, “Truly unrighteous, how can you escape, ne? By the way, that black-nailed one, no need to spread poison anymore, your poison doesn’t work on us.”


Shen Chi now knows why he hadn’t heard of this poison ability user before.
With his brash and corrupt character, it was a miracle that he could live in Beijing!


He raised Qian Ji Nu.
When Ji Jia finished digging her eyes, the red woman’s head flew up, the stopping poison, tian jue di mie, heavenly scattered blossoms, and Tianluo’s crafty heart method made the group killing invincible.
No one could escape.
Ming Yue could only hold them for a short time, but Shen Chi killed them instantly.

For these people, living was also a waste.


Shen Liu Mu swung his whip a few times, splashing blood everywhere.
Ming Yue shook his head.
“I told you there is a blood calamity, but you don’t believe me…” then he suddenly cried out, “Hey, hey, hey, hold on, hold on! Don’t waste such fresh corpses!”

“What?” Shen Chi looked towards him.


Ming Yue still had that serious look on his small face.
“Nah, I know you like eyes,” he pointed towards Ji Jia.
“You like blood.
En, you can play as much as you want with it.” he glanced at Shen Liu Mu, then happily ran past him.
“Ayiaya, so many fresh corpses, how much high-quality corpse oil can be refined ne! Finally, I don’t have to painstakingly extract from those zombies anymore… “


Shen Chi: “…… corpse oil?”


“Yes, good for drawing talismans, like the five thunder talismans, when dipped in corpse oil, it can double its power!” Ming Yue replied without looking back.


Shen Chi felt the wind talisman on his body was extremely uncomfortable.
This damn little Taoist priest is a demonic cultivator, ah!


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